Doctor Who: The Collection continues on Blu-Ray with one of the most pivotal Doctor Who seasons of all: The Trial of a Time Lord!

While Doctor Who fans still sit eagerly awaiting next month’s Blu-Ray release of The Complete Season 10, September’s addition to The Collection has has been revealed as The Complete Season 23. Airing in 1986, Season 23 was one of the most crucial productions in Doctor Who history. With, famously, as much drama behind the scenes as in front of the camera. And thirty years later in 2019, it’s a story than can be told and seen like never before.

All fourteen episodes have been remastered from the best possible sources for this six disc release. New 5.1 mixes and isolated scores have also been created for every episode. Plus extended editions of each installment have also been created as an alternative viewing option. Meanwhile, episodes 8-12 of The Trial of a Time Lord has been re-edited to create a new, alternative, version of that segment called Terror of the Vervoids. This includes updated special effects and can now be seen as an independent story separate from the overall Trial arc.

Once again, BBC Studios have provided an exciting and fun new trailer to promote the upcoming Collection release.


The Collection provides a fresh look at some of the most turbulent years in Doctor Who history

With the threat of cancellation hanging over Doctor Who, producer John Nathan-Turner and script editor Eric Saward shelved their original plans for Season 23. Instead, the season would be one epic fourteen part story – The Trial of a Time Lord. And, appropriately enough, it would also feature the Doctor placed on trial by his own people, and forced to argue for his very continued existence. Ultimately, Season 23 would secure Doctor Who’s future for a few more years, but at a high price for some of the cast and crew.

Now, in a comprehensive new set of extras that sit alongside the existing extras from the previous DVD release, those there at the time can give insight into exactly what happened and why. Bonnie Langford talks Matthew Sweet for the next in his popular series of interviews for The Collection. And elsewhere writers from both the ‘lost’ original Season 23 and the finished version discuss the experience in The Writers’ Room.

Meanwhile, new extras spend time at The Doctor’s Table with Colin Baker and friends; some of the stars that contributed to the legendary Doctor Who Cookbook brave their own recipes; and the cast of Season 23 rewatch parts of the season for a fresh assessment from Behind the Sofa.

Doctor Who: The Collection - The Complete Season 23 contains six discs, a new booklet guide to the season and more gorgeous art from Lee Binding (c) BBC Studios
Doctor Who: The Collection – The Complete Season 23 contains six discs, a new booklet guide to the season and more gorgeous art from Lee Binding (c) BBC Studios

The new extras include:

  • Extended edits – of all fourteen episodes
  • Terror of the Vervoids four-part standalone edition with updated effects
  • Immersive 5.1 surround sound & isolated scores – on all 14 broadcast episodes
  • Behind the Sofa new episodes with Season 23’s Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, and Bonnie Langford. While fellow Who veterans Mark Strickson, Frazer Hines and Matthew Waterhouse also lend their perspective.
  • The Writers’ Room Eric Saward, Philip Martin, Christopher H Bidmead & Waly K Daly discuss the ‘Lost’ Season 23
  • The Doctor Who Cookbook Revisited brave cast members tackle their original recipes from the 1980s official cookbook
  • The Doctor’s Table join Colin Baker and friends for dinner
  • In Conversation Matthew Sweet chats to companion Bonnie Langford
  • Unseen studio footage
  • Rare archive treats
  • Convention footage
  • Blu-ray trailer
  • HD photo galleries
  • Scripts, costume designs & more in the PDF Archive
  • Hours of extensive special features previously released on DVD


Doctor Who: The Collection – The Complete Season 23 will be released on the 23rd of September, 2019. You can pre-order it now from Amazon. RRP: £56.16



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