The popular series of Doctor Who Blu-ray Steelbooks continues with Series Five

Back in 2010, Doctor Who fans greeted the arrival of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. Since then Smith has gone on to star in the critically acclaimed The Crown. Gillan, meanwhile, has starred in billion dollar movies like Jumanji and Avengers: Endgame. But now you can go back to the spark that lit their careers with the Doctor Who: Series 5 Blu-ray Steelbook.

Series Five was also the first series of Steven Moffat’s era as showrunner. And in Moffat’s trademark inventive, freewheeling style, it sees the Doctor and Amy chasing down a mystery that twists and turns across time and space. Who or what is the Silence? What has caused the crack in Amy’s childhood bedroom – a crack that’s now appearing all over the universe. What is the dark secret time travelling archaeologist Dr. River Song is keeping from the Doctor? And will Amy be home in time for her wedding in the morning? Along the way, they’ll face the Weeping Angels, encounter a new species of Silurians, and meet Vincent Van Gogh.

Bonus features include two Meanwhile in the Tardis additional scenes, four Monster Files, a three-part video diary, thirteen Doctor Who Confidential cut-downs, six in-vision commentaries, out-takes and over twenty teasers and trailers.

Series Five was previously released on Steelbook in 2010. But this new edition features gorgeous new artwork in line with the more recent Steelbook range. The striking new imagery is by Sophie Cowdrey, who previously provided the cover for the Series Four Steelbook.

The Van Gogh inspired cover art for the Doctor Who: Series 5 Steelbook starring the Eleventh Doctor (c) BBC Studios
The Van Gogh inspired cover art by Sophie Cowdrey for the Doctor Who: Series 5 Steelbook (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who Series Five Blu-ray Steelbook

Executive Produced by Steven Moffat, the series features Arthur Darvill (Broadchurch, Legends of Tomorrow) as Amy’s fiancé Rory Williams. Meanwhile guest stars including Olivia Colman (The Crown, The Favourite), James Corden (Gwen and Stacy), Bill Nighy (Love Actually), Ian McNeice (Doc Martin), Helen McCrory (Harry Potter, Peaky Blinders), Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), and Meera Syal (The Kumars at No.42).


Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series on Steelbook Blu-Ray is available to pre-order now and is being released on Monday 10th February 2020 at £35.73 RRP.


Note: an earlier version of this article didn’t name the then unknown cover artist. However, they’ve now been identified as Sophie Cowdrey.


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