Welcome to 2016!!

Blogtor Who has a new owner and new management.  However, what we don’t have today is a new look website.  It has been a terrible week for our website host and European internet stability for that matter. Yesterday even the BBC’s websites went down.   There was a huge and persistence DoS (Denial of Service) attack on our host servers and basically we just couldn’t finish the necessary work for a launch. Providing there is no massive problems this weekend, we will be up on Monday with the new look website with all of Blogtor Who’s posts.

So no regeneration today.  The original look just doesn’t want to go.

Now to introducing myself.

My name is Susan Hewitt, and together with Diane Malkin and some brilliant writers, we have been running two other websites – the Peter Capaldi News and the David Tennant News – for several years now.   So we do understand social media, blogging, how fast to get the news out and Doctor Who.

Both Di and I are long time fans and have loved the show since childhood.  (No we aren’t going to say how long that is or who our first Doctor was.  You will just have to guess.) We love writing about the show, the actors, the writers, the directors and the creative team.   We’ve also made a lot of friends in the Doctor Who Fandom including Cameron K. McEwan.  It has just been fun.

However, running three websites is huge undertaking and requires a lot of help.  So earlier this month we sent out some requests for writers and the response was overwhelming.  We have met a number of brilliant individuals who are currently working several new articles and regular features.  These will all be launched over the upcoming week.

We do have as many new writers as we can support at present, but if you want to write for any of the three sites feel free to email us at BlogtorWho@DT-Forum.com.   We will get back to you but we will be working with the first group in January.

We hope you will enjoy the new features, the reviews and of course the news.   I must say we are thrilled to be taking this journey through time and space!!

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Susan Hewitt
Susan Hewitt is the Editor and Site Owner of Blogtor Who. She has loved all Doctor Who for over 5 decades now. Prisoner, Blake-7, Space-1999, Star Wars and Star Trek were also huge favourites. Her favourite Doctor is Tom Baker with Peter Capaldi following in a close second. However, David Tennant does rank as one of her favourite actors particular due to his brilliant work in theatre.


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