Two childhood favourites unite as Build-A-Bear announces their new Doctor Who collection

For anyone under thirty, or any parent with offspring under thirty, Build-A-Bear is an iconic brand. Since 1997 they’ve captured the hearts of generations of children by allowing them to literally make a new best friend. And they’ve been particularly noted for their innovative licensing that allows children to make cuddly ‘bearified’ versions of popular characters. Previous team ups have included the likes of Star Wars, The Snowman and the Snowdog, and Marvel. But thanks to a new team up with BBC Studios, in 2020 a new furry companion joins the family – Doctor Who herself!

Details of specific Build-A-Bear Doctor Who products have yet to be revealed. But the announced agreement will cover stuffed animals, costumes and accessories.

Anjali Khosla, the Senior Manager of Brand Management at Build-A-Bear Workshop expressed her excitement at the team-up. “We are thrilled to partner with BBC Studios to bring the iconic Doctor Who franchise to Build-A-Bear Workshop. We look forward to sharing our version of this beloved story with fans and collectors around the world in early 2020.”

BBC Studios are also delighted by the team up, set to coincide with the launch of Series 12 next year. Their Senior Licensing Manager, Julie Kekwick said “We’re excited to be partnering with Build-A-Bear to create a collection that will appeal to fans of the show both young and old. Doctor Whohas a huge following and with the launch of Series 12 early next year we’re looking forward to this new range launching online.”

Doctor Who’s global brand success continues

The new licensing announcement coincides with BBC Studios releasing new information on Doctor Who’s success as a global brand. In addition to its success on TV across six decades, it has a proven record in merchandising and live entertainment. Over 4.5 million Sonic Screwdrivers have been sold in the past eleven years and 13 million action figures since 2005. While over 19 million DVDs sold globally and over one million tickets sold for live events.

The Doctor’s furry doppelganger hits shelves in Build-A-Bear Workshop in 2020. Meanwhile, Jodie Whittaker will be hitting screens in Doctor Who Series 12. More details on the exact dates for both as Blogtor Who obtains them.



  1. Yeah. Could you do some research into how much merchandise has been sold since Jodie Whittaker was announced as DW?

  2. Dude, take out the first sentence here. There are plenty of folks over 30 without kids who know the brand and want the bears. I am going to be getting them for my 45 year old wife.


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