UK “newspaper” the News of the World is reporting that there will be a Doctor Who sketch screened as part of the Comic Relief fundraising event Red Nose Day on March 18. Plot details aren’t known but the report states that the six~minute story features “two Amy Ponds”. In 1999, The Curse of the Fatal Death, penned by Steven Moffat, was screened as part of the charity telethon founded by writer Richard Curtis (Vincent and The Doctor).


  1. I love this! I hope its true. Will be really good as it's written by Steven! Though from the back ground of the picture they're in the TARDIS. And there another Amy and TARDIS in the TARDIS?!

  2. Comic Relief would be the perfect place for Steven to do that (totally non canon) Doctor Who/Sherlock cross over that a lot of fans are yearning for.

  3. Already in my mind, one Amy is naughty, the other one nice. I think Moffet has been talking to my therapist:)


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