The Independent website is reporting on an interview with Jenna Coleman (from this week’s Radio Times magazine) in which she chats about the rumours of her quitting Doctor Who and the future of her character; she says:
“We’ve sat down with Steven Moffat and we’ve all decided we don’t want anybody to know which way it’s going. If you know I’m in the next series, or if you know I’m off, you’ll know how the story ends.”
On her onscreen relationship with Samuel Anderson, who plays Coal Hill School teacher Danny Pink (who returns in this Saturday’s episode, Listen), Coleman says:
“We do see Clara beginning to fall for Danny. There’s a
big surprise we’ve got coming. It’s much better than nobody knows which
way it’s going to go, so that’s where we’re trying to keep it at the
For more clips, pics and news from Listen, click HERE and visit the Doctor Who Series 8 episode guide HERE.


  1. Oh God. It makes me nervous when someone says there's a 'BIG' surprise coming in Doctor Who. I hope Danny Pink isn't a version of the Doctor or I hope Clara doesn't turn out to be a manifestation of the Doctors subconscious lol.

  2. Danny is probably just going to ask Clara to marry him, so she decides to stop traveling with the Doctor. Or maybe she gets married & pregnant. We already know it's her last season, as it's been advertised already.

  3. It's been rumoured it's her last season. Nothing was confirmed. In fact, this new post just said that very thing! Nothing is confirmed, it's just rumour as of now.

  4. If the "big surprise" is just that she is leaving Doctor Who I will be disappointed. It's all over teh interwebs that she is quitting. Rumor or not, it wouldn't be a big surprise at all if she is leaving. Like Anonymous had said, she probably ends up with Danny Pink. I'm certain that's what ends up happening. I hope this big surprise is something we actually don't see coming, like John Simm reprising his role as the Master. Now that would be exciting. I am curious though why all these robots/droids are in search of the promised land. And who Missy aks The Guardian of the Nethersphere really is.


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