In an interview with Interview (good name there), Jenna Coleman has been chatting about Doctor Who, her future and the audition process for Clara. In it, the actress reveals that her character was to be more bossy and like Mary Poppins. Check out what she has to say below.

“When the brief came through [for her audition], I knew it was a ‘Doctor Who
companion.’ But the character description was actually very much like ‘Mary Poppins’ originally. Clara’s very, very bossy and tells the Doctor
where to go and what to do, and whacks him with an umbrella and stuff.”

Recently, certain tabloids have suggested that Jenna is leaving the show, this is what she had to say when asked about her “legacy” on Doctor Who.

“Oh wow. It’s so funny because I’m still working at it—I’m still there. For me personally, to be honest, for these last eight months the show
has been totally and utterly life consuming. When you’re in Doctor Who you’re in Doctor Who. There just isn’t much time. It’s going to be interesting now that we finished the season.”

You can read the full interview HERE where Coleman chats about her career and more.



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