BBC Books have announced the republication of 6 Classic Doctor Who novels with Chris Achilleos’ stunning artwork and a series of new introductions by Neil Gaiman, Charlie Higson, Gareth Roberts, Stephen Baxter, Russell T Davies and Terrance Dicks. All 6 titles will be published on 7th July at £4.99 each. Click on the covers for bigger, Targetier versions.

All 6 titles will be published
July 7 at £4.99 each

Thanks to BBC Books


  1. What a shame the great artwork is ruined by the terrible treatment given to the Pertwee style Doctor Who logo!

  2. @Jonathan. That'll never happen, but since this is the first time in 6 years that BBC Books has done anything with early Doctors it does open the exciting possibility of new original early Doctors novels. Imagine, for example, a First Doctor novel written by Neil Gaiman…


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