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Classic Episodes Found!

Two classic episodes of Doctor Who – thought to be missing forever – have been returned to the BBC archive. Episode 3 of Galaxy 4 (starring William Hartnell) and Episode 2 of The Underwater Menace (starring Patrick Troughton) were purchased by film collector Terry Burnett at a village fete near Southampton in the early 80s. Read a full report from the official site HERE and an article from the Radio Times HERE on the discoveries.

Watch an excellent report from yesterday’s BFI Missing Believed Wiped event where the news broke and clips shown from the stories produced by Classic DVD documentary maker, Ed Stradling (follow him on Twitter HERE). Details of a commercial release will be announced by 2 entertain in 2012.

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  1. New/old episodes! Makes one want to seriously consider marathoning as many classic episodes as humanly possible. Or at least–one a week? Is that a marathon?

    Bet lots of folks will be digging through old film storerooms and more, now.

  2. Have you seen this news? Doctor Who episodes – TV signals from 50 years ago are discovered in space http://www.rimmell.com/bbc/news.htm

    Of course Doctor Who is out there LOL
    "A BBC team have been working closely with Dr Venn's team to help recover the signals. BBC Television historian Peter Wells, explained "We now know these are original broadcasts. So far we have recovered about 7 weeks of old television signals from space. Every day in our lab is like traveling back in time. And speaking of which we have just started the digital recovery of signals that contain lost Doctor Who episodes."

  3. Oh but can you just imagine, if those signals went out into the galaxy and were picked up by…you know, alien races out there. Whatever would they be thinking then *chuckling*.

    Then again there are so many tv signals that probably have gone out into space.


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