As of today, 627 pieces of Classic Doctor Who content are available to watch via the recently-launched BritBox UK streaming service

Doctor Who fans who subscribe to BritBox, a streaming service created by BBC Studios and ITV, will be able to access a wealth of Classic Doctor Who content, starting from today (Thursday 26th December 2019). If you find yourself at a loose end in the limbo between Christmas and the New Year, this enormous collection is sure to keep you occupied!

Watch the official trailer for the launch of Classic Doctor Who on BritBox, featuring the voice of the Fourth Doctor himself, Tom Baker, below! (Stay tuned until the very end for a fun surprise!)

This collection includes 129 complete stories, comprised of 558 episodes aired between 1963 and 1996, spanning the first eight incarnations of the Doctor from William Hartnell to Paul McGann. Among these are several missing episodes featuring the First and Second Doctors, as portrayed by Hartnell and Patrick Troughton respectively, which have been completed using animation. The Tenth Planet, The Moonbase, The Ice Warriors, and The Invasion are all comprised of a combination of original and animated content.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet – Cybermen (c) BBC

As well as this, the recently released animated versions of Second Doctor-era stories The Power of the Daleks and The Macra Terror will be available, plus five orphaned episodes, namely two-parter The Crusade, Galaxy 4, The Space Pirates, and The Celestial Toymaker. What’s more, unfinished Fourth Doctor story Shada is available as a 130-minute special.

The Power of the Dalek's Animation (c) BBC
The Power of the Daleks Animation (c) BBC

If all that wasn’t enough, viewers will also be able to stream 1996’s Doctor Who: The Movie (featuring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor), plus the pilot version of An Unearthly Child, and Mark Gatiss’ 2013 docudrama An Adventure In Space and Time, which tells the story of how Doctor Who first came into existence over fifty years ago.

Elsewhere, stories such as The Underwater Menace, The Wheel in Space, and The Web of Gear have been completed using telesnaps. Completing this expansive collection of Classic Doctor Who content are spin-off K-9 and Company, and documentaries More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS and Doctor Who: Doctors Revisited.

K9 and Sarah Jane Smith (ELIZABETH SLADEN) (c) Doctor Who BBC
K9 and Sarah Jane Smith (ELIZABETH SLADEN) (c) Doctor Who BBC

Within this larger collection, BritBox have curated special Doctor Who Classic collections. These include ‘New to Who‘, which features one key episode from each of the first seven Doctor, acting as an introduction for the uninitiated. BritBox have also put together collections devoted to some of the Doctor’s most memorable enemies, such the Cybermen, Daleks, the Master, and the Sontarans, as well as collecting each of Doctor Who‘s regeneration stories together in one place.

Reemah Sakaan, Group Director ITV SVOD, commented: BritBox becoming the first complete digital home of Doctor Who Classic creates a special opportunity for fans and streamers across the UK. We are looking forward to expanding the collection even further by working with the show creators to lovingly restore lost and previously unavailable episodes in the months to come and offering a truly exclusive experience.”

Sally de St Croix, Franchise Director for Doctor Who at BBC Studios added: “It’s thrilling to partner with BritBox and see all this amazing Doctor Who Classic content congregate in one place where subscribers can stream to their hearts’ content – some experiencing the show for the first time whilst others will simply be enjoying it all over again.”

BritBox UK‘s collection of Classic Doctor Who content is available to stream now via web, mobile, tablet, connected TVs, and Chromecast.

A full list of the Classic Doctor Who content available on BritBox UK can be found below:

STORY Number of episodes
An Unearthly Child (Pilot) 1
An Unearthly Child 4
The Daleks 7
The Edge Of Destruction 2
The Keys Of Marinus 6
The Aztecs 4
The Sensorites 6
Planet Of Giants 3
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth 6
The Rescue 2
The Romans 4
The Web Planet 6
The Crusade 2
The Space Museum 4
The Chase 6
The Time Meddler 4
Galaxy 4 1
The Ark 4
The Celestial Toymaker 1
The Gunfighters 4
The War Machines 4
The Tenth Planet 4
The Power Of The Daleks 6
The Underwater Menace 4
The Moonbase 4
The Macra Terror 4
The Tomb Of The Cybermen 4
The Ice Warriors 6
The Enemy Of The World 6
The Web Of Fear 6
The Wheel In Space 6
The Dominators 5
The Mind Robber 5
The Invasion 8
The Krotons 4
The Seeds Of Death 6
The Space Pirates 1
The War Games 10
Spearhead From Space 4
The Silurians 7
The Ambassadors Of Death 7
Inferno 7
Terror Of The Autons 4
The Mind Of Evil 6
The Claws Of Axos 4
Colony In Space 6
The Daemons 5
Day Of The Daleks 4
The Curse Of Peladon 4
The Sea Devils 6
The Mutants 6
The Time Monster 6
The Three Doctors 4
Carnival Of Monsters 4
Frontier In Space 6
Planet Of The Daleks 6
The Green Death 6
The Time Warrior 4
Invasion Of The Dinosaurs 6
Death To The Daleks 4
The Monster Of Peladon 6
Planet Of The Spiders 6
Robot 4
The Ark In Space 4
The Sontaran Experiment 2
Genesis Of The Daleks 6
Revenge Of The Cybermen 4
Terror Of The Zygons 4
Planet Of Evil 4
Pyramids Of Mars 4
The Android Invasion 4
The Brain Of Morbius 4
The Seeds Of Doom 6
The Masque Of Mandragora 4
The Hand Of Fear 4
The Deadly Assassin 4
The Face Of Evil 4
The Robots Of Death 4
The Talons Of Weng-Chiang 6
Horror Of Fang Rock 4
The Invisible Enemy 4
Image Of The Fendahl 4
The Sun Makers 4
Underworld 4
The Invasion Of Time 6
The Ribos Operation 4
The Pirate Planet 4
The Stones Of Blood 4
The Androids Of Tara 4
The Power Of Kroll 4
The Armageddon Factor 6
Destiny Of The Daleks 4


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