Eagle-eyed and bat-eared readers will have noticed that on the recent 4 disc Doctor Who 50th Anniversary soundtrack (details HERE) none of the tracks included music cues from The Fourth Doctor adventure, City of Death. And, in our EXCLUSIVE look at the upcoming 11 disc soundtrack set (with one disc for each Doctor’s era), the Tom Baker CD (details HERE) also omitted any sounds from the 1979 classic Douglas Adams story.
I contacted Silva Screen, the company behind these releases, about the omission – was City of Death to receive its own soundtrack release, for example. This was the response after some research:
“there are no tapes in existence so we couldn’t get the pure audio.”
So, in the immediate future, there’ll be no stand alone soundtrack for City of Death. Sad news indeed. My thanks to Silva Screen for their help and time.


  1. Thanks for drawing attention to this issue! We ardent City of Death fans knew the tapes were lost, but we eternally hope for a re-recording. However, we recognize a re-recording is a VERY tall order for several reasons–particularly because I, at least, don't know if any of the sheet music was preserved. Mark or someone else doing it all by ear would be an enormous task. We therefore need to be comfortable with the fact that it might never happen.


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