Starting on Sky Atlantic next week the UK is brand new drama called Fortitude. This 11-part drama stars former Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston, along with a whole range of familiar names in the world of Who. Check out the details below and click on the images for bigger versions.

Christopher Eccleston (plays Charlie Stoddart)

An eminent scientist, Professor Stoddart is head of the Arctic Research Centre based in Fortitude. In charge of the environmental impact assessment for Governor Odegard’s glacier hotel development, the potentially lucrative project that could save the town from ruin hinges on his findings. When local children make an unexpected discovery on the island, the respected professor is catapulted into the centre of the most significant event in Fortitude’s history.

Also starring in Fortitude are: Michael Gambon (pictured above, middle), who starred in the Doctor Who story A Christmas Carol; Jessica Raine (above, right), Hide, An Adventure in Space & Time; Chipo Chung (below, left), Utopia, Turn Left; Alexandra Moen (below, middle), The Sound of Drums, The Last of the Time Lords, The End of Time Part One; and Michael Obiora (below, right), Blink.

Fortitude, Ep 1 airs Thurs Jan 29 at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

Thanks to Sky Atlantic. All images copyright Sky Atlantic.


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