Christopher Eccleston - Share The Orange
Christopher Eccleston – Share The Orange

Christopher Eccleston starts this Aardman Animation video #ShareTheOrange with the statement, “Like many of you I witnessed the devastating effects of dementia.” This is a very personal statement for the man who portrayed the Ninth Doctor since Eccleston’s father died after battling vascular dementia.

In this video animated by the award winning Aardman Animation, Eccleston goes on to explain the  damage caused by Alzheimer’s. How the disease systematically attacks the brain stripping the memories, personality and eventually life from its victims.    “As dementia takes hold, a patient’s brain can shed up to 140g – making it the same weight as an orange.”

It’s a strong message and part of the two-week national campaign for the Alzheimer’s Research UK.  AS Eccleston states “We have to think differently about dementia. We have to stop believing dementia is an inevitability; something that simply happens to us all as we grow older. If we don’t, we’re never going to truly fight it.

“Dementia is caused by diseases and diseases can be beaten.”

So we will #ShareTheOrange in support of our families and others.

To learn more and to support Alzheimer’s Research UK, call 0300 111 5555 or visit




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