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  1. The Christmas Specials of Doctor Who are something I think were needed when the show returned in 2005. It felt so exciting knowing that It will be a great Christmas because the Doctor Who Christmas Special was there to round off an excellent Day. The Christmas Invasion brings such great memories of having left over Turkey whilst my brother was having a kip on the sofa and having to watch the end of the episode on an old satellite TV in the kitchen due to snoring in the living room. I will always remember gearing myself up to watch the specials by watching the end of the last series and watching the trailers over and over again. every other Christmas Special after that was even more exciting and created so many memories which I will forever treasure. I think that's what any Christmas Special is about, enjoying it with your family and making so many new and happy memories at Christmas time.

  2. Re "The Christmas Invasion", it was great to have a Christmas Day episode, but an odd decision for RTD. Rather than showcasing the new Doctor I would have thought viewers were keen to see, he spends most of his time unconscious,and personally I think this episode rather drags.

    When the Doctor finally shows up, the episode comes to life, with great dialogue between the Doctor, the companions, the aliens and the scene when he turns on Harriet Jones. Interesting that the Tenth Doctor stays for Christmas dinner with Rose's family, while in WW3 the Ninth Doctor declines a family meal, and clears off at the earliest opportunity.

  3. That artwork is adorable. Where's it from?
    Love the Christmas Specials. Since I've spent most of the past few years away from my family, they are the only Doctor Who episodes I can watch with them.
    Also, I always play songs and soundtracks from the Christmas Specials while setting up the tree.

  4. I enjoyed the Russell T Davies Christmas specials for their romp-tasticness, but I consider Moffat's "A Christmas Carol" by far my favorite. It actually ranks near the top of my favorite stories since 2005. Its emotional, stand-alone story puts clever twists on the original tale. I enjoy the sci-fi explanation of a finale with singing and snowing. In addition, the episode is visually and musically stunning making it one of the most filmic episodes of Doctor Who.

  5. (Permission to say all this in an Irish accent) Ah, the Christmas specials. I love a good special, and most of these don't let me down. My favorite would have to be in terms of story, The Christmas Invasion, but in terms of music The Runaway Bride. I would have to say my least favorite is The Christmas Carol, purely because Katherine Jenkins annoys me. PS Merry Christmas to you and all other listeners

  6. Mixed bag! There was a (short) trend for them being fairly appalling… The Runaway Bride and Voyage of the Damned were both fairly terrible. The Runaway Bride was kind of a charmless Christmas Invasion – like anyone wanted the roboforms back, the Sycorax is all anyone remembers! – and a bit too screwy for my tastes, whereas Voyage of the Damned was just… kind of boring. Both kinda corny, neither worth the wait.

    The Christmas Invasion, meanwhile, was an absolutely fantastic intro to David Tennant. Forty-five minutes of suspense, a world on brink of meltdown, and some brilliant jokes, and then the Doctor comes and makes it all better – witty, charming, and so Doctorry he felt like he'd been in the TARDIS for years.

    Hard to do the rest without spoilers, but – The Next Doctor was a wonderful little tale. Loved the steampunk monsters, loved David Morrissey, loved the look, the feel – a cosy yarn well told, small in scale but bigger on the inside. The End of Time was an absolute corker of a regeneration story; I remember part one finishing and I felt like I'd been hit by a train. A mad, dangerous, and exciting adventure (and foe!) – I was starting to think that the less christmassy they were, the better. But then I saw A Christmas Carol and decided it was all brilliant.

    Sometimes brilliant, sometimes thrilling, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes timey-wimey, and sometimes a little shabby… just another episode of Doctor Who, really, innit?

    Also, the Feast of Steven.

  7. It's just not Christmas without an episode of Doctor Who to watch whilst adding 'just one more' chocolate to the two-days worth of meals eaten earlier that day. 

    A Christmas special should be just that – Christmassy. Though I adored DTs first few, they, for me, just weren't Christmassy enough. Christmas should be warm and sentimental, indulgent and Dickensian. The most recent two really delivered this for me; the previous lot were brilliant episodes, just not what they said on the tin.

    The upcoming special really excites me. Fingers crossed for a 'proper' Christmas special.  

    Please read this comment out in the accent of Santa and an elf :D. 

  8. I always think the Christmas Specials have been a bit too exciting. Surely the Doctor can't encounter this many problems at Christmas.

  9. (I'm from the southern U.S. Can you mimic a Floridian southern twang?)

    Each of the RTD Christmas specials have their highs and lows, but overall, they are enjoyable due to Davey T's performance. ( And it's hilarious that one of Davey T.'s first enemies is a killer Christmas tree.)

    "A Christmas Carol" was quite beautiful and remains my fave. I love reinterpretations of classic stories, and this one actually made me teary-eyed.

    "The End of Time" is also dear to me, but I'm probably a bit biased because I love the Master. (His blond hair fit well with the women's garments, I thought. Mr. Simm does look mighty fine in a dress.) Plus, the breaks (such as the cafe and "bondage chair" scenes) from the overall ridiculousness almost make up for the jumbled mess that was the Tenth Doctor's last hurrah.

    As for the upcoming TDtWatW, I'm excited. Hopefully it has as much heart as last year's special. I'm already a fan of the boy's large glasses/spectacles!

  10. For me, personally, Doctor Who is what makes Christmas so special. Once you've had enough food (it happens!) and you've had enough of your family, then you get to escape to this spectacular world of Doctor Who for a little while. It is, more often than not, the highlight of the day, but that could just be because I don't like the holidays.

  11. The Christmas Invasion: Not enough Doctor at the beginning, but made quite the impression when eventually appearing! Also worked well bringing back Harriet Jones.

    The Runaway Bride: Probably my least favourite, purely because I was hoping that Catherine Tate was going to be a one-off. A decent story though, with the Doctor getting over the responsibility of his actions in the Series 2 finale (no spoilers for Sandy!)

    Voyage of the Damned: A great Christmas epic. Think the trailer ruined the suspense around the context of the Titanic, but threw up every emotion with a wide range of characters.

    The Next Doctor: Should have done better. The storyline had so much potential, but the other aspect with the you-know-who returning should have been a seperate story. I'm sure SteeMo could write up a storyline to have David Morrisey return in some aspect!

    The End of Time Pt1&2: Seemed like your everyday epic two parter, then the cliffhanger upped the ante! I know it's not strictly Christmas, but the end of part two was probably one of the best 15 minutes I've ever watched of Doctor Who.

    A Christmas Carol: Didn't really appreciate it at first, because the underlying tone of death didn't really feel Christmassy to me! But watching it again, it does have a happy ending. And the second best Christmas-special-soundtrack (after End of Time).

  12. Ooh, I do have to second Sian's comment about Doctor Who making Christmas special.

    I was 15 when The Christmas Invasion aired, and I'm now 21 looking forward to the Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe – which looks spectacular, by the way. (And what a brilliant cast! Hoping the voice of the trees will be Alexander Armstrong's Pointless friend – it's Richard.)

    I hate to admit it, 'cause I love the spirit of the season, but I've found myself getting slightly less excited about christmas as the years have rolled by. Fortunate, then, that there's always one present I absolutely cannot wait to open. Christmas Specials have kept me giddy as a schoolgirl as I slowly fossilise. And the few months without Who make each special all the more welcome. Long live the crimbo special.

    (And for christmas this year, can I have my comment read out in a Lord Sugar accent please and thanks.)


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