1. With all due respect, lads, I think it IS Maxine Peake. Look at the smile in the close shot. Hard to believe she's the same girl from Dinnerladies. (Though I'd love to see Claire Skinner in DW, too.) And, oddly enough, Maxine's "husband" from Shameless, Kev, is making a return to Shameless next week. (After her "brother" Marty came back this week…!)

  2. "I think it IS Maxine Peake. […] Hard to believe she's the same girl from Dinnerladies."

    Maxine Peake WAS the one in Dinnerladies. Clare Skinner however is the mum from Outnumbered (the one IS in this photo). Maxine Peake has a slightly 'harsher' face with a wider jaw.

  3. Well, so much for my Peakespotting career. Although, in my defense, Maxine *has* lost a lot of weight and currently looks a lot like Claire Skinner with a perm. Enough to fool Wales Online as well, so I'm hardly alone in my error. And in the news in the forums at Gallifrey Base, a few others thought so as well; one even going so far as to put up a recent photo of Maxine alongside the shot from Wales Online, where they looked like doppelgangers. (NOT gangers, mind.)

    In any event, I'm overjoyed that Claire Skinner IS indeed involved–I've been a huge fan since discovering Outnumbered. And Bill Bailey, too! Cool! 🙂

    And Anonymous, Blogtor hadn't added the confirmation from BBC Doctor Who that the party in question was indeed not Maxine Peake when I posted. Be nice online!


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