This morning BBC Breakfast screened a clip from the seasonal special, A Christmas Carol – see it in the player above. Be warned: it features the poorly expressed and needless opinions of Radio Times “editor” Alison Graham.


  1. The one thing I got from that clip is that "The Next Doctor" has definitely been erased from time. When the Christmas Specials are listed, it's skipped over entirely.

  2. The ship's bridge has been shot to look just like JJ Abrams' STAR TREK, with the angles and heavy use of lens flare across the screen!

  3. saying that last year's special was bleak was the whole point of a death of a great doctor – even though i didn't like the special – many regeneration stories are bleak (caves of androzani, the war games and etc). But i guess, she wouldn't like it during christmas.

  4. Great clip minus the talking lady….although I have to wonder…why are Amy and Rory in their Kissogram and Roman outfits?

  5. Karli, the reason The Next Doctor was skipped over is because it was shown at Easter, and therefor, like The Waters Of Mars, not a Christmas special 😉

  6. Erm, The Next Doctor was shown at Christmas, it was the Planet of Death that was shown at Easter. Doh!


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