Writer Chris Chibnall (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and The Power of Three, amongst others) was a guest on the Phil Williams BBC Radio 5 Live show last night and he chatted about the possibility of being the new Doctor Who showrunner and writing for the next series – listen to a clip in the player above.


  1. Oh god no. Please not him, or Mark Gatiss. I want Neil Gaiman to take over or for Russel T. Davies to come back.

  2. While his work on Doctor Who is miles better than his work on Torchwood, and his stories in Series 7 were an improvement, I still don't think he'd be good for the job.

  3. I disagree. I have a theory that the REALLY good writers should stay just that – whereas the not-as-REALLY-good writers should be the show runner. That way we arent as disappointed, and the REALLY good writers stay at the top of their game without the pressures of running things.

  4. Although this may be unjust on any fronts, I've always considered that Chris was left pretty much in charge on Torchwood series 2 and the result was pretty disastrous. Though he's done some good work elsewhere (particularly Dinosaurs on a Spaceship), I think his skills are far better suited to Broadchurch's genre. Him taking over as showrunner of Who would be… concerning.

  5. I am glad he isn't in the running. I would rather more Broadchurch from him. 🙂

    Broadchurch has turned my opinion of him right-around, it was such a great show.

    "Moffat who ran it" is (I think) referring to Chris doing more than one script for Who some for RTD and some for Moffat. Fans… Stop reading too much into things. *fans!*

    Speaking of such: Has Gaiman ever been an Ex-Producer or producer of a major TV show/production?

    Moffat didn't become the showrunner just because he was mates with the right people. He has years of real, tangible experience. It is also the reason I don't think Gattis could become the showrunner (although he has more experience now with Sherlock as (Co)Ex-producer).

    Anyway, Moffat is with us for at least one more series so just take a chill pill folks and enjoy the ride!

  6. I think Mark Gatiss will probably get first right of refusal. He's massively involved with Doctor Who. He now has experience as a executive producer with Sherlock. And RTD was instrumental in leading to Moffat's appointment. If Moffat has any say, I don't see him suggesting anyone but Mark.

    I also think that Gatiss might actually refuse it, though. He's spoken about now wanting to be a showrunner several times, so who knows?

    If not him, it's probably open to Toby Whitehouse. He's got the Who experience and the executive producer experience.

  7. i really don't understand the moffat hate. i really like him. i like that his stories don't focus on how much the doctor is in love with humans. there's no "aww, i love you humans, aren't you awesome?" speeches.

    i love how he brought the alien back, basically.

    i think smith is awesome, too, as the doctor. he's the most alien doctor since tom baker.

    for me, it's sad to see so much hate for the show from "fans". makes me think these "fans" are only davies/tennant fans who never really got the hang of the whole concept of doctor who being the story of a regenerating timelord whose stories and personality change in colour and tone with every regeneration.

    i'd be more disappointed if it was just "more of the same" each year. and no matter what you think of moffat, you can't say he doesn't TRY to push the doctor envelope.

  8. Neil Gaiman? Seriously? His lady effort was really rather poor and irritating. Plus, he's on record as saying he's far too busy and the Who gig doesn't pay him enough. Nice.

    Someone brand new, unknown to the show is required. A complete reinvention, preferably with a swing back towards sci-fi rather than CBBC style fantasy fare.

    The current 'team' and guest writers have carved a distinct era, which cannot be dragged out for much longer. It's a tired format and tone, which would benefit from a reboot.

  9. Toby Whithouse

    One must only be a good writer, but also a good manager, and with all the BBC behind the scenes shenanigans, it seems like that may be the majority of the job.


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