Autumn sees a new series of Doctor Who, with a new Doctor and a new showrunner. The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine features an on-set interview with new Doctor Jodie Whittaker, and opens with Production Notes written by new showrunner Chris Chibnall.

Both articles are light on information about the new series, hardly surprising since it won’t be aired until Autumn. Chibnall even starts Productions Notes by saying, “We’d rather keep things for when we can show you, rather than tell you. So if we don’t announce much, or give interviews for a while, it’s because we’re currently focusing all our attention on making the show, not talking about it.”

However, there a few hints about what direction their version of the show might take. In her interview Jodie Whittaker mentions what it’s like to be Thirteenth Doctor. “You see so many different worlds, meet such amazing characters and speak such extraordinary dialogue.”

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to get more information about these worlds, characters and dialogue. But Jodie does finish off the interview by hoping “it will blow the audience’s minds as much as it blows mine when I read each new script.”

And even Chris Chibnall drops small hints in the rest of his production notes. “What’s evident is Doctor Who’s extraordinary ability to embrace change while remaining exactly the same show that people love.” He goes on to say, “It’s always looking forward asking ‘Where next?'” This backs up Chibnall’s previous statements about being bold with the show. Which make for an exciting time ahead.

But, Chibnall’s keyword, which he uses a lot throughout his production notes, seems to be ‘fun’. Could it be that Capaldi’s brooding Doctor who found that compassion and kindness was the answer has regenerated into a Doctor with the weight taken off her shoulders and ready to have fun? I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until Autumn to find out for sure. Meanwhile, we’ll keep looking for hints wherever we can find them.

The current Issue of Doctor Who magazine can be found in all good retailers.


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