It is with deep sadness that BlogtorWho reports the death of Doctor Who writer, Chris Boucher.

A key contributor to the Fourth Doctor’s era, Chris Boucher wrote some of the most highly regarded stories in Doctor Who’s history. His first script ‘The Face of Evil‘ introduced new companion Leela. This warrior of the Sevateem, played by Louise Jameson, was a new take on the individual joining the Doctor for their travels. Boucher also penned Leela’s second story, the absolute classic ‘The Robots of Death‘. The writer would also contribute ‘Image of the Fendahl‘ to Season 15, another popular story. Sadly, he was the last surviving Doctor Who writer from the 1970’s. Boucher would also write four Fourth Doctor Doctor Who novels ‘Last Man Running’, ‘Corpse Marker‘, ‘Psi-ence Fiction‘ and ‘Match of the Day‘.

A skilled and reliable writer and Script Editor, Chris Boucher worked on a variety of BBC television shows. Perhaps the most popular amongst Doctor Who fans would be Blake’s 7, created by Terry Nation. Boucher script edited the programme and wrote a number of episodes including the dramatic finale episode ‘Blake‘. Another British sci-fi drama Star Cops was created by Chris Boucher, writing five of the nice broadcast episodes. Other television programmes Boucher worked on included Bergerac, The Bill, Shoestring and Juliet Bravo.

BlogtorWho extends our thoughts to Chris Boucher’s family and friends at this difficult time.


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