Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor was a guest on The Andrew Marr Show earlier today on BBC One. During the interview he was asked if he would be tempted to play Doctor Who, to which he responded in the affirmative. See the relevant clip in the player above. Ejiofor can currently be seen starring alongside Christopher Eccleston in The Shadow Line whilst Andrew Marr appeared in 2005’s Aliens of London and World War Three.

Eccleston: Not coming back to Who
Christopher Eccleston in The Shadow Line
David Tennant on The Andrew Marr Show
The Doctor’s Wife audio commentary
Actor Wishlist for Series 6/7


  1. When all the speculation about who DT's replacement would be was going on, I was really hoping that Chiwetel would get the gig… very happy Matt did get it as he's been excellent, and also very happy that Chewie's been forced to throw his fez into the ring for 12 🙂

  2. Never heard of him. Who's this guy when he's not at home?

    Anyway, odds are #12 will be a woman now. If they do change color with the Doctor my preference would be Adrian Lester of Hustle, Lenny Henry the guy who plays Clyde in The Sarah Jane Adventures, or Alfie Enoch from the Harry Potter films (whose dad played Ian Chesterton in the original series).

  3. @Anonymous Who is Chiwetel? He's extremely well known amongst Browncoats as he was the main "villain" in Serenity. He has an extensive and impressive film record appearing in such films as "American Gangster" and "Children of Men." Check out his work, Chiwetel is an impressive actor. I can actually see him as the Doctor.

    Would he play him? I have my doubts, but I wouldn't have a problem if he did.

  4. I think it would be interesting if the next doctor (not that I am in such a hurry to replace Matt Smith…) would be a woman. After loving Alex Kingston as Doctor Song, I'm intrigued to see what a woman can bring to role of "The Doctor".

  5. It would be fantastic to have a woman in the DW role. As the actors have gotten younger over the entire course of the show it would be great if an actress such as Bonnie Wright received the part. To paraphrase #11,"Not a woman, not Ginger" So…#12 could be.

  6. This makes me happy. He's my dream Doctor, but I figured he was too Hollywood now to want to do Doctor Who. Nice to have my hopes renewed.

  7. mmmm….no doubt he is a superb actor, one who most definately has the ability, however what is the need to change the doctors skin colour?….to me it smacks of tokenism…."oh lets have a black doctor because we can" The world of the politically correct has now reached the furthest corners of the cosmos?

  8. It would seem to me that the issue is not one of tokenism but of status quo. Up to now, the Doctor has always been played by White actors. If there is a Black actor that would be suitable for the role then that actor should play the role, race or gender be damned.

    Personally I think that we should kill two birds with one stone and have a Black female actor (precident has already been set, as it were, with Mels/River Song). I nominate Nina Sosanya who played Trish in Doctor Who ("Fear Her") and Bellino (opposite David Tennent) in Casanova.

  9. I love the Moff, but I barely trust him to write female characters, much less a previously male character transitioning to female without making unfunny "tranny" jokes. Either that or Moffat's fem!Doctor would be River Song 2.0. If we're gonna have a female Doctor, I want it to be under a female showrunner with experience in gender identity matters. Chiwetel Ejiofor, on the other hand, would make an AMAZING Doctor, I'm thinking something like a mix of Three, Five, and Seven.


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