The Children in Need album Got It Covered is the best selling album of the week

Children in Need’s Got It Covered is the best selling album of the week. Featuring Doctors past and present Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant, the charity album collected a host of stars to give their own unique cover versions of well loved songs with a special personal meaning to each of them. Both Doctor Who stars sang with their personal fandoms on their sleeves. Whittaker covered Coldplay’s Yellow, alongside members of Coldplay themselves with Tennant on backing vocals; dedicating it to her late nephew Harry. While life long Proclaimers fan Tennant covered Sunshine on Leith, a love song played at his own wedding.

Got It Covered also features performances from Olivia Colman (The Eleventh Hour), Shaun Dooley (The Ghost Monument), Suranne Jones (The Doctor’s Wife) and Jim Broadbent (The Curse of Fatal Death). And from beyond the world of Doctor Who, Adrian Lester, Helena Bonham Carter, Luke Evans and Himesh Patel take part as well.

There was some controversy during the week as Official Charts ruled that Got It Covered was actually a compilation rather than a regular album. This despite such albums, featuring various artists’ new recordings of older songs, historically being placed in the main Albums Chart. While albums such as Mamma Mia! and the Glee soundtracks were deemed original albums, Got It Covered has been placed in the same Compilations chart normally reserved for anthologies of previously released material like the Now That’s What I Call Music series.

Regardless, Got It Covered has conquered that chart and claimed the #1. More importantly, having sold 10,000 copies more than the #1 in the main chart (ELO’s From Out of Nowhere) the moral victory belongs to Children in Need. As indeed does all the money raised from sales to help disadvantaged children across the United Kingdom.

Children in Need: Got It Covered

Children in Need: Got It Covered is on sale from all good retailers, and from Amazon. As are the single tracks by Whittaker and Tennant. You can read Blogtor Who’s full review of the album here. The ninety minute special about the recording of the album is still on iPlayer. And the Children in Need telethon itself is on BBC One, Friday the 15th of November, from 7.30pm.



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