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Chicago TARDIS Celebrates the 60th Anniversary

Peter Davison and Colin Baker lead the guest list for Chicago TARDIS this November Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Fifth Doctor Sixth Doctor
Peter Davison and Colin Baker lead the guest list for Chicago TARDIS this November

Mark the 60th Anniversary weekend among friends at Chicago TARDIS 2023

One of the largest Doctor Who conventions in North America is bringing the 60th Anniversary to the Windy City. Chicago TARDIS takes places from the 24th to the 26th of November this year. And what better time to be surrounded by your fellow fans? Chances are that either at least one of the specials will air during the convention or will have been the day before. This potentially makes the convention the home of the largest water cooler chat of 2023. But that’s not all. The organizers have also begun to announce some big name guests.

Taking the controls of Chicago TARDIS this year are Peter Davison and Colin Baker. Though we’re already being teased that more Doctors may be to follow. In a way, a third one already has, as Michael Troughton joins the team. As well as being the son of the legendary Patrick Troughton, he current portrays the Second Doctor for Big Finish. Also on the line-up is Second Doctor companion Frazer Hines. While Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery will also be in attendance.

But that’s just the tip of the proverbial ice berg, with many more names to come between now and the 60th Anniversary.


As November draws ever closer, it’s time to decide where you’ll be when the Anniversary arrives!

Chicago TARDIS is host to all the fun you’d expect of a dedicated Doctor Who convention and more. There’s the cosplay contest, dance party, karaoke, and charity auction. Plus, a dedicated Doctor Who themed area for younger children.

Unfortunately, that major Who stars like Colin Baker and Peter Davison are now signing up to conventions on the anniversary weekend itself suggests that there likely won’t be an official event this year. The massive Doctor Who Celebration in the Excel in London to mark the 50th was announced in March that year. But any lingering hopes are now fading as stars make themselves busy elsewhere. However, that just makes it all the more vital for fans to make their own fun at events like Chicago TARDIS!

Tickets are available at various price points through the official Chicago TARDIS page.



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