The Eighth Doctor takes Charley to an exhibit that’s strangely disquieting… and that’s before the statues start moving…

Award winning author Jaine Fenn joins Big Finish for the first time to bring the Eighth Doctor and Charley on a new adventure into darkness with Doctor Who – Short Trips: Hall of the Ten Thousand. Charley herself, India Fisher, is on hand to narrate an atmospheric horror tale inspired by the terracotta warriors of Xi’an.

Fenn says she was “delighted to get a chance to write for Doctor Who, if a little daunted.” The Hall of the Ten Thousand features the Doctor’s optimism and faith in the triumph of the human spirit take a knock. As Fenn describes, “the Doctor comes to see that a glorious human achievement is anything but glorious, and that was a hard revelation to manage, especially as the truth is so dark.”

Meanwhile, Alfie Shaw, on Producer duties was delighted to have India Fisher back in the role of Charley. “India, along with her character Charley, are firm fan-favourites, and you can easily see (and hear!) why. With India behind the mic and Lisa Bowerman directing, the day flew past as they both brought this wonderful tale to life.”

Doctor Who: The Hall of the Ten Thousand is brand new and out now.


Doctor Who: The Hall of the Ten Thousand

She may not know much about art… in fact, Charley Pollard isn’t entirely sure what she likes. But it probably isn’t the creepy art installation the Doctor wants to visit.

It only takes a few good people in the right places to end a war. Visitors come from all over the galaxy to view The Ten Thousand, to remind themselves of that.” 

The Ten Thousand represent everything the Doctor admires. Ingenuity, creativity and triumph of peace over war. So, naturally he’s taken Charley to see them. 
However, their arrival isn’t the quite the gallery visit they expected. Why is everything slowly falling apart? Why is the artist refusing to see them?   
But for Charley, there’s a question that’s far more urgent. Did that statue just move? 


You can download Doctor Who – Short Trips: Hall of the Ten Thousand from the Big Finish website right now for just £2.99.


And coming out next in the Doctor Who – Short Trips range is Peace in Our Time, performed by Peter Purves. 


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