101 Clara's To See
101 Clara’s To See

During series nine of Doctor Who, the Doctor lost his much-loved companion Clara Oswald as played by Jenna Coleman. Sadly Clara may be gone from the Who-niverse but she is certainly not forgotten and never will be as she is about to be immortised in a new charity book.

101 Claras To See’ is a fanthology project that celebrates Clara Oswald and the world that has sprung up around her with 101 contributions of fan art, short stories and essays by a talented and creative fandom. We know Whovians are very good at that!

All the proceeds of this beautiful book will go to the UK’s ‘One To One Children’s Fund’ to which Jenna Coleman is an ambassador. The charity aims to eradicate mother to child HIV transmission in communities where they work by supporting pregnant women throughout pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Find out more about the charity in the video below featuring Jenna Coleman.

For more information on the book, to see more of the artwork and to pre-order a copy, head over to the books official pages on Tumblr.  Pre-orders are open for the next 3 weeks. Availability is worldwide, costing $28 (US). Shipping is expected by the end of May/beginning of June.




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