Yesterday, Blogtor was invited along to the Toy Fair in London to chat with Character Options – the company that produces so many great Doctor Who figures and toys. I got to have a look at the some of the great items coming in 2013 which include Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 products and a celebration of the 50th Anniversary.
For Series 7 Part 2, Character Options will be releasing a new  3¾ inch figure range, including The Doctor, Clara, a Cyberman, Weeping Angel and more – this range will hit the streets in June this year. There will also be some new play sets including a Weeping Angels set (New York from The Angels Take Manhattan) and a Dalek playset, set in battle-scarred London. 
Sticking with playsets, there are three new 5 inch scale sets: The Invasion of Time, The Invasion and Asylum of the Daleks; each featuring the relevant Doctor and an enemy. While we’re chatting “classic” Who, the Eleven Doctors box set will be updated with new designs for each regeneration.

To accompany the new size 3¾ inch figures will be a new scale Spin and Fly TARDIS with motion-activated interactive sound-effects. A new range of Sonic Screwdrivers will be released including The Third, The Fourth, The Tenth and River Song’s Future Sonic. And just check out the very special Union Flag Dalek to celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

In the Character Building range to look forward to are the new TARDIS console set, a Cyberman Speeder Mini Set and a Dalek Skimmer Mini Set along with many new figures and figure packs. For kids, there will also be a set of Mashems featuring four Doctor Who monsters.

Thanks to Character Options

Text and pics by Cameron K McEwan


  1. Does any one know if there are plans to sell a figure of the doctor dressed as sherlock holmes from the 2012 xmas special? I'm sure lots of people would buy one!


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