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Character Options prove there is still demand for classic Doctor Who action figures

Last week BlogtorWho brought you the news of the classic Doctor Who range to be released by Character Options in 2019. It was quite a list! But our readers were certainly interested. In fact, it was the most viewed article for that week. Does this prove that there is still a desire for classic Doctor Who figures? You bet it does!

The Doctor Who figure sets gracing the shelves of B&M Stores in 2019 are as follows:

  • Fourth Doctor and TARDIS from ‘Shada
  • Fifth Doctor and TARDIS from ‘The Caves of Andozani
  • Seventh Doctor with Cyberleader and Cyberman from ‘Silver Nemesis
  • Second Doctor, Peri and Sontaran Stike from ‘The Two Doctors
  • Harry Sullivan and Sontaran Styre from ‘The Sontaran Experiment‘ with Sontaran Linx from ‘The Time Warrior
  • The Seventh Doctor and Axis Strike Squad Dalek from ‘Gallifrey VI
  • The Eighth Doctor and Dalek Interrogator Prime from ‘Dark Eyes
  • The War Doctor and Dalek Scientist from ‘The War Doctor‘ audio adventures

The latest range of classic Doctor Who figures is the most significant in years. Eras from the Fourth to the Seventh televised doctors are represented. Plus there are additional Dalek sets based on the audio adventures created by Big Finish. These particular sets were available on the Big Finish website and sold out in just 36 minutes! If they didn’t anticipate this level of demand then Character Options would’ve been unlikely to have created such a significant quantity of new products.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find Doctor Who merchandise. Woolworths: gone. Toys R Us: gone. Even the official retailers have fallen by the wayside. BBC Store: gone. The Doctor Who Experience Shop: gone. Hence this pairing between Character Options and B&M stores.

Seventh Doctor Silver Nemesis set (c) Character Options

B&M Exclusives

For the last few years B&M have been the stores to visit for Doctor Who action figures. From their first store in Blackpool opening in 1978, B&M have become one of the largest retailers in the UK with over 600 stores. They started stocking collectors sets of figures which had already been released individually. For example, 2016 saw the release of ‘The Monster set’ which contained an Ice Warrior, Zygon and Cyberman from ‘The Invasion’. More recently B&M have been stocking exclusive sets.

In 2019 this will include new variants of certain figures, such as Peri in her costume from ‘The Two Doctors‘. Whilst sets have typically included Doctor Who characters and monsters seen on television after 2005, this year sees a focus solely on the classic era of the show. As a part of this new range, collectors will also have the opportunity to purchase brand new, never before released figures. For instance, Fourth Doctor companion Harry Sullivan will be available in action figure form for the first time ever. There will also be two new versions of the popular TARDIS sets.

Fourth Doctor and TARDIS set from Shada (c) Character Options

TARDIS exterior sets

Recently, B&M have also released Doctors with their TARDIS exterior boxes. Prior to this there were only three other classic TARDIS exterior toys to collect for the First, Fourth and Seventh Doctors. These sets are now quite rare and reach significant amounts on eBay and Amazon. Thanks to B&M however it is far easier to get a classic TARDIS exterior for your action figures. So far B&M have released the Third Doctor and TARDIS set from ‘The Time Monster’ and a TARDIS with newly regenerated Fourth Doctor. The latter is apparently still available in some stores before new stocks arrive.

In 2019 there will be not one but two TARDIS sets. These will be of a Fourth Doctor with TARDIS from ‘Shada‘ and Fifth Doctor with TARDIS from ‘The Caves of Andozani‘. Both are exciting variants. Fans will be able to re-enact the Fifth Doctor, close to his regeneration, carrying a sick Peri to the TARDIS. Although ‘Shada‘ never made it to broadcast, the uniqueness of that particular TARDIS prop has also been recreated in toy form.

Still a demand for classic Doctor Who merchandise?

The speed at which the Doctor and Dalek sets sold out on the Big Finish website prove that there is a desire for those sets. The big number of page visits that BlogtorWho received when we shared the is further proof. No doubt when the new sets hit the shelves, fans will seek them out with great enthusiasm. Social media will be filled with photographs in the same manner that the recent Doctor Who: The Collection boxsets have received. Enthusiasm for classic era Doctor Who merchandise is clearly alive and well. Long may it continue.

The new Doctor Who action figures will be available in UK B&M stores from late August 2019. What Doctor Who action figures from the classic era would you like to see in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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Assistant Director (uncredited) on Doctor Who episodes ‘Dark Water/Death in Heaven’, ‘Last Christmas’, 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio' and ‘Thin Ice’. A fan and collector since 6 years of age having watched Doctor Who repeats on BBC2. Equally enthusiastic about Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Lucky enough to own original costumes worn by Freema Agyeman, John Barrowman and Elisabeth Sladen. Author of a book chronicling the history of Doctor Who exhibitions available now from Telos Publishing.


  1. There are so many gaps, and it’s a shame the cost of making new moulds seems to drive a focus on releasing variants. Maybe they should poll and get an idea of what could be viable? My dream list is:

    Web Planet Set: Zarbi and Menoptra
    Third Doctor Monsters: Silurian,
    Ambassador of Death, Mutant
    Frontier in Space Set: Draconians and Ogrons
    Fourth Doctor Monsters: Wirrn, Nimon, Marshman
    Warriors Gate Set: Gundans, Tharils and Gate
    5th Doctor Monsters: Tereleptil,
    Tractator, something else
    Gallifrey Set: Timelords with collars, guards, Cardinal
    also Yeti and the Kandyman!

  2. Might be possible way to reuse the mould but add the pseudo-samurai gear? They could do TARDIS interiors for the classic series, with a little reuse of basic structure across the variants, though I’m guessing that the economics of such large play sets demands big sales.

  3. More companions, please.
    Ian, Barbara and Susan for sure. Jamie and Victoria.
    Foes of the 7th Doctor: Kandyman, Light, Chief Clown, Fenric, the Destroyer, the Rani

  4. I love that there was at least one not before made figure (harry Sullivan) but I still find it odd that there has never been a classic sarah Jane figure… also are there any plans for classic dalek re-releases? I have been trying to get a planet of the daleks supreme for years…

  5. It would be a nice reminder if Character could please make a younger version of Sarah Jane Smith, to go with the Doctor’s Third and Fourth incarnations. They have just released a brand new figure of Lieutenant Harry Sullivan, RN, so a similar era Sarah would be perfect. A couple of variants of her I’d like to see: With the shorter hair – and a huge spider on her back, from ‘Planet Of The Spiders’; in the white Victorian dress. With a rifle, from ‘Pyramids Of Mars’. Why Character have not made a younger version of this beloved character, I don’t know. Elisabeth Sladen is still missed by the fans, and new figures of Sarah Jane Smith to display with their Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker Doctors would sell very well.

  6. I love the 5″ Doctor Who figures! I would love to see the following figures done:
    -Peter Cushing Doctor
    -William Shakespeare
    -Agatha Christie
    -Jamie McCrimmon
    -Jago & Litefoot
    -The Great Intelligence
    -Robin Hood
    -Clara Oswald (Robot of Sherwood)

  7. Wirrn (tom Baker first season the arc in space) Could be rotacast like Fendahl set
    Elisabeth Sladen ( tom baker season)
    Classic tom baker tardis console
    Re release Genesis of the daleks set (Tom Baker)
    Daemon (Jon Pertwee) From the DAEMONS
    Ambassadors of death set (Jon Pertwee)
    Silurians set (Jon Pertwee)

  8. I’ve liked these rereleases of classic Dr who actions figures and I would like that to continue but there also other things I’d like to see on shelves like not just rereleases of the doctors sonic screwdrivers but also like the masters lazer screwdriver used by John simm and also new sruff from series 12 like an action figure of the casarvin or an action figure of the new master played by Sacha dhawan or better yet the masters tissue compresser eliminator used by Sacha dhawan right now I feel like that is stuff that fans really want to see on shelves and would really like to have in their homes with their other Dr who merchandise because the actions figures are OK for now but after a while people will want to see something else. Now is the time to start thinking outside the box and keep Fans interesting and wanting to buy your products. Bring out new stuff but not just classic Dr who action figures bring out more stuff like I suggest above.Help keep Dr who what it was and what it means to the fans.
    Thanks for reading


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