Catherine Tate is one of the guest stars at this weekend’s MCM Comic Con in London. Catherine Tate is well known to Doctor Who fans for her portrayal of Donna Noble.  She was a pivotal companion for the Tenth Doctor and was responsible for saving his life and the universe on several occasions. She posed for photographs and signed autographs in what was probably the longest queue in the crowded hall, a testament to her enduring popularity. 

Catherine Tate and Blogtor Writer Rebecca Kurson
Catherine Tate and Blogtor Writer Rebecca Kurson

She did take some time to answer fan questions.  A young woman, Gabriella, credited Tate with being a comedic inspiration. Gabriella was attending the event with her friend Jaycee. Both girls are aspiring actresses and view Tate as one of their heroines. They loved Donna as a companion and felt that Donna truly embodied the spirit of the Doctor’s companion. 

Though out the day, Tate posed with fans and was genuinely grateful and thrilled to meet so many fans.  She hasn’t yet seen the new series of Doctor Who, but plans to.  But her current favourite show is The Sopranos, which she has been binge-watching with her mum. Which did prompt to question one New Jersey fan on how realistic The Sopranos was. She was delighted to hear that the show was filmed on real locations throughout the state. Tony Soprano may not be real, but every place in the show is. 


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