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Episode 1 - Spyfall Part One

Just some of the treats that came Doctor Who fans' way this week (c) BBC Studios, art (c) Sophie Iles Amy Pond #TheUltimateGinger Vincent and the Doctor Karen Gillan Susan Foreman Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker Press Play Eleventh Hour Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith Amelia Pond Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who: Lockdown – Week Two Roundup

Doctor Who pros and fans have spent a second week making lockdown a little bit easier for us all, with more celebrity live-tweets, original...
Doctor Who - S12, E06 - Praxeus - Joana Borja as Gabriela Castillo - Photo Credit: James Pardon/BBC Studios/BBC America

Massive Ratings Update! Spyfall! Judoon! Praxeus!

As the first two episodes of Series 12 receive their final results, Fugitive of the Judoon's +7 and Praxeus' overnights become available We're now 35...
Poker faces! Doctor Who and Dracula face off in the viewing figures race to #1 (c) BBC Studios/Hartswood Films

ANALYSIS: It’s Dracula vs the Doctor in the +7 Viewing Figures

Doctor Who's Spyfall Part One, along with Dracula, prove the big winners of catch-up TV for New Year's Day The +7 viewing figures for New...
Anthony Ainley (Castrovalva), Geoffrey Beevers (The Keeper of Traken), Sir Derek Jacobi (Utopia), John Simm (World Enough and Time), Michelle Gomez (Dark Water) and Sacha Dhawan (Spyfall). They are the Master! (Doctor Who (c) BBC Studios)

12 Masterful Reveals in Doctor Who (Part Two)

Blogtor Who finishes the countdown of the Master's all time great reveals in Doctor Who. But which is at Number One? From Terror of the...