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Episode 4 - Arachnids of The UK

Doctor Who - Series 11 - Ep 4 - Arachnids in the UK - Picture Shows: Yaz (MANDIP GILL), Najia (SHOBNA GULATI) - (c) BBC Studios

Blast from the Past: The Continuity References of Doctor Who: Arachnids in the UK

Once again for this series of Doctor Who, Blogtor Who is looking at all the nods and references to adventures which have gone before....

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Doctor Who - Series 11 - Ep 4- Arachnids in the UK - Ryan (TOSIN COLE), Graham (BRADLEY WALSH), Jade (TANYA FEAR), The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) - (c) BBC Studios

REVIEW: ‘Doctor Who: Arachnids in the UK’ – A Spidey-Sensation?

The TARDIS returns to Sheffield, where eight-legged monsters and a pun-tastic title lie in wait. Was the episode (Johnny) rotten, or a spidey-sensation? Let's take...