The Devil's Chord,Shirley Ballas, The Doctor (NCUTI GATWA), Ruby Sunday (MILLIE GIBSON) & Johannes Radebe,BBC STUDIOS,James Pardon. The four dance the twist in Abbey Road

Doctor Who Viewing Figures: Premiere Finals, Dot and Bubble +7s & Rogue Overnights

Doctor Who's season premiere is a Top 10 hit, while Dot and Bubble rules Saturday but struggles against the Britain's Got Talent machine It's now...
Lindy (CALLIE COOKE) and the Doctor (NCUTI GATWA) in Dot and Bubble ,BBC Studios/Bad Wolf,James Pardon Doctor Who

Doctor Who Second Sight Review: Dot and Bubble

Dot and Bubble smartly uses the Doctor Who format to subvert expectations with an episode that demands repeat viewings Are you sitting comfortably? Have you...