The movie Tolkien was released in UK cinemas this week featuring Ty Tennant as a young Christopher Wiseman. This weekend Ty Tennant also makes an appearance in BBC One’s long-running medical drama Casualty.

Son of Jenny (The Doctor’s Daughter) Georgia and Tenth Doctor David Tennant and the grandson of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, Ty’s acting career has been growing from strength to strength. Following a brief appearance in The Five-ish Doctors, the young actor is, according to IMDB, currently working on the new television re-imagining of War of the Worlds. Viewers can see him on BBC One as Aaron in Casualty. Could we be seeing the blossoming career of a future Time Lord? He certainly has pedigree!


Casualty: Series 33 – Episode 34

Iain goes above and beyond on his first day back as a paramedic, Charlie steps on Duffy’s toes trying to defend her right to work, Connie offers Will another interview, and Elle is hurt that Connie doesn’t react to her choosing to take a new job.

For those not currently up to speed with the latest series of Casualty, Michael Stevenson has been delivering some phenomenal performances as Iain. His storyline continues this evening with the latest episode. If you’ve been affected by Iain’s story or any other issues also highlighted in the show, details of organisations offering information and support can be found at

Casualty is made by BBC Wales and is based at Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff. A mere stone’s throw from the Doctor Who team!

Casualty featuring Ty Tennant is broadcast at 9:15pm on BBC One tonight. Episode 34 of Series 33 will also be available on the BBC iPlayer.


    • As someone told me a long time ago – don’t classify children as ‘adopted’ vs not. There is no need. Ty Tennant is David Tennant’s son in every that matters


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