The official site has updated with introductions to the new series and The Impossible Astronaut – see them in the players above and below. They are taken from Doctor Who Confidential, the “making of” show. More details:

Episode one is called Coming to America and covers the stunning stateside filming, the return of River Song and more. Featuring interviews with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston, Doctor Who Confidential is on Saturday, 7pm on BBC Three.


  1. What deserves to be trumpeted a bit is the fact the BBC seems to have finally "loosened the strings" on its video content: almost everything they've posted in the last few months, including the prelude, and now these intros – are actually viewable outside the UK! Let's hope this trend continues.

  2. "There's a real kind of 'Vroom' to it!" Karen is SOOO adorable saying that!
    So now, I at least know that this episode will be 'Vroom' – thanks for that!


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