The cast of ‘Class’ appeared yesterday to a packed house in the Platinum Theatre at the MCM Comic Con in London.

Part of the event included the premiere of episode 3, ‘Nightvisiting’. The cast hadn’t seen the episode yet, and they watched it with pure joy, dancing at the rocking intro song, jumping at the scary parts, and congratulating Vivian Oparah on her star turn.

The panel featured young stars Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins, Jordan Renzo, and Vivian Oparah along with writer Patrick Ness. The cast, last seen looking adorable at the New York Comic Con, looked – if possible – even happier at the MCM Comic Con. In New York, the show hadn’t yet aired, but now the cast knew that the reviews were and had been positive. “Even the Mail liked it!” said writer Ness.

Class Panel - MCM Comic Con London Photo Rebecca Kurson
Class Panel – MCM Comic Con London Photo Rebecca Kurson

As time passed, actor Fady Elsayed took several selfies with the ‘Class’ cast photo on the screen behind him, and the actors talked and giggled together like best friends throughout the screening of the entire excellent episode.

After the applause died down from the screening, the cast took questions from the audience. Elsayed took a few photos of Oparah and Hopkins when they were onstage and the entire cast couldn’t stop smiling.


A fan asked if there might be more Doctor Who crossover, as there had been in episode one. Ness answered, “I think the show has to stand on its own. I’ll never say never, but for now, we have to stand on our own.”


The cast were asked about the best part of being in the show, and they all agreed it was the cast and crew. The actors were clearly close friends, and they said they actually hung out together off set as well. The freezing nighttime shoots definitely helped! Actress Hopkins said they snuggled together “like penguins” on those cold nights, which made them all closer.

Action Figures
Class Panel - MCM Comic Con London Photo Rebecca Kurson
Class Panel – MCM Comic Con London Photo Rebecca Kurson

When asked about Class merchandise, the cast all agreed that they definitely wanted figures! There are already three books out, all for sale at MCM Comic Con. Hopefully Funko will make some figures as well – that’s what the cast (and very enthusiastic audience) wants to see.

Miss Quill

Katherine Kelly was clearly a cast and audience favorite. When asked which character the cast would like to play, they answered in unison “Miss Quill!” Hawkins marveled at her ability to run in those high heels (Christian Louboutins, to be precise), and her brilliant way with the dialogue (how about when she has to answer the door and mutters, “I once led an army!”). Ness said one of the best moments in the filming occurred when Kelly is haranguing a hapless inspector about what she is going to do to him. “She went on for at least two minutes,” Ness recalled, “and we had to keep shushing the extras since they couldn’t stop laughing!

Episode 1-3 of ‘Class’ are now available on BBC iPlayer.


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