Peter Capaldi has filmed a special message in support of the Glasgow School of Art which recently experienced a devastating fire. The actor studied there (graduating in 1980) and has lent his voice to the Mackintosh Appeal, which aims to raise up to £20m towards the final cost of the restoration. Peter and actor Brad Pitt, who starred alongside each other in World War Z, have agreed to be trustees of the appeal.
This week has also seen filming on Doctor Who Series 8 continue with many photographers catching sight of both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on set filming Episode 12 of the new series.
Check out two great galleries of pics HERE and HERE.
The new series starts late August, check out the guide to Doctor Who Series 8 HERE.


  1. The shrinking Tardis reminds me of the Meddling monk. What if he' s making an appearence in a bid for revenge?


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