Peter Capaldi was first announced as the Twelfth Doctor live on BBC One. Presenter Zoë Ball introduced him as “a hero for a whole new generation”. Little did we know how true that would be.

Peter Capaldi is an incredible actor, award-winning director, writer, musician and family man. He’s a busy guy! After 35 years in this game, you’d think he’d want to kick back. Who would fault him for showing up to film Doctor Who, do some publicity and then knock off?

Instead, the 59-year old Scottish actor has spent his tenure as the Doctor being a hero to kids both on and off-screen. His unabashed enthusiasm for the role and willingness to represent the Doctor, as well as play him, has won the hearts of many fans. As we bid the Twelfth Doctor safe travels, we’re looking back at Capaldi’s best offscreen appearances.

Newsround – August 2014

Just before Peter’s first full episode, he showed up on Newsround to answer questions from kids visiting the TARDIS. But, of course, the Doctor knew how to make an entrance…

For Thomas, from The Doctor – November 2014

Peter filmed this heartwarming little video for Thomas, a young lad with autism dealing with the loss of his grandmother. It also seems to be where the Twelfth Doctor coins the simple “Be Happy” mantra, which came back later on.

Doctor Who Experience – March 2015

In the midst of filming series nine, Peter made a surprise appearance at the Doctor Who Experience to mark ten years since the show returned. He seemingly spends the entire time answering questions for the visiting kids in-character. As well as talking about his past faces, he gets choked up at the mention of the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan.

Peter Jackson Meets The Doctor – November 2015

In 2015, rumours abound that Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit director Peter Jackson was directing an episode of Doctor Who. Spoiler: he wasn’t. But that didn’t stop the two Peters teaming up to record a quick skit about it. If you ever wanted to see two Oscar-winning directors face off, look no further…

Lesley and Brian’s Wedding – August 2016

But it wasn’t just kids who got to enjoy Peter’s offscreen antics as the Doctor. For the wedding of Brian and Lesley back in August 2016, a family member managed to get Peter on camera for a congratulatory message for the happy couple. Of course, Peter stayed in-character the whole time. As he was enjoying a quarter century of marital bliss at the time (so was Peter for that matter), you can take his word for it.

A Special Guest On Set – June 2017

No video of this, unfortunately. But there is this Radio Times article about a young visitor to the set of the upcoming Christmas special ‘Twice Upon a Time’. And how Peter Capaldi took the time to make him feel welcome.

“There was one young lad, who’s been fostered by friends of ours,” co-star David Bradley told the Radio Times. “And he was so excited…Peter came over into the hospitality tent where all the cameras were, and said, ‘Where’s this friend….where’s Chris?’…Then Peter spent about 15 minutes drawing a Dalek with hobnailed boots and a bowler hat.”

David Bradley, who plays the First Doctor in the special, recounts the time Peter spent drawing with Chris. All while he was simultaneously preparing for the next scene! Make sure you read the full interview at the Radio Times website, linked below:

“Peter Capaldi did a very sweet thing for a young fan while filming the Doctor Who Christmas special” — Radio Times, 12th December 2017

BONUS: Peter reassures a little girl that Matt Smith said it was OK for him to be the Doctor.

Do you have any personal favourite Capaldi moments away from the series? Let us know in the comments!


  1. We had a wonderful encounter with Peter in Minneapolis. He truly encompasses everything about the Doctor. He treated my son like he’d known him for years. Then during the Q and A, Peter brought my son (dressed as Twelve) and another young 12 cosplayer up on stage with him and they sat up there for the remainder of the panel. This is something my son will never forget and is why Peter is his Doctor and mine as well. A true ambassador for Doctor Who.


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