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Capaldi: The Doctor has to save Clara from Santa

UK television listings magazine TV Times has published interviews with actors Peter Capaldi and Nick Frost in the Christmas edition of the publication. The current Doctor Who said of the upcoming special, Last Christmas:

“It’s one of the scariest stories we’ve done, but also one of the happiest.

Santa appears on Clara’s roof, accompanied by his elves, and while this may seem an excuse for good cheer and happiness, only the Doctor knows that this is a nightmarish development.

He has to save Clara from what Santa’s going to bring into her life.”

Nick Frost expanded on his character, Santa, and his interaction with the Doctor:

“It’s clear they have a history and a beef with each other and that comes out in every scene. It’s only towards the end that you get nice resolution to the relationship.

I want viewers to be kept in the dark as to what his intentions are, so you don’t know if he’s good or evil. Is he there to help the Doctor and Clara?”
For more news, pics and clips from Last Christmas, click HERE. TV Times is on sale now.



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