Candy Jar Books have a new Lethbridge-Stewart novel, coming soon and it’s going to be a must have. ‘The Man From Yesterday’ will be concluding a story arc that started 14 novels ago.

This doesn’t mean that the Lethbridge-Stewart range is coming to a conclusion. Not at all. In fact things only seem to be getting more exciting. There’s one more story, ‘The New Unusual’ which takes place before ‘The Man Before Yesterday’ before the anniversary series of books. Those 6 novels will look at various times in Lethbridge-Stewart’s timeline and that will begin this summer.

Nick Walters is returning to write the concluding story to regular arc. Aside from the range editor, Andy Frankham-Allen, Walters is only the second author to pen more than one novel in the range. Walters says: “After Mutually Assured Domination, which was a knockabout, fun romp, it was great to write something with more depth. We’d been kicking about the idea of the Brigadier’s father returning for some time, but hadn’t found a suitable plot.”

Walters Continues “The idea of setting it (mostly) within the county of Norfolk was quite deliberate – firstly, there is, obviously, the Cromer connection, and, secondly, I thought it rather fun to have a story set in one small geographic location, for a change. It doesn’t mean the story is small – not by any means – it’s big in terms of themes and ideas, and of course that alien element still remains.”

Gordon’s alive?

The English Channel, May 1945. Leading his squadron of Hawker Typhoons back to base from a traumatic mission in the Baltic, Wing Commander Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart goes missing – one of the unsolved mysteries of the Second World War.

Cromer, 1970. Doctor Anne Travers and Lieutenant Bill Bishop are investigating a mysterious phenomenon after hearing reports of ‘pink lightning’ seen over the Norfolk coast, while strange elfin creatures are glimpsed by the locals. And in the Red Fort, his new base of operations deep below Norwich, General James Gore is making his plans.

Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart receives a phone call that will change his life. Could it be, after all this time, that his father has come back from yesterday?

Cover Art

Candy Jar The Man From Yesterday
Candy Jar The Man From Yesterday

Paul Leonard provides the forward while Paul Cooke does the cover work. Cooke is a long time fan and speaks about how he got involved. “I’ve been a fan of the Lethbridge-Stewart books from the start. In fact I loved the first one that much I drew a fan art cover in the style of the old Target books, and cheekily asked Andy if there was any chance of doing one. Flash forward to September 2016, I had the opportunity to do a cover illo for a free digital story they sent out to subscribers. I had hoped to be able to contribute another, but when you have artists of the calibre of Adrian Salmon, Richard Young and Colin Howard working on them, I’d sort of given up hope. Then one day out of the blue, only weeks ago really, Andy asked me if I fancied doing one!”

Needless to say, Cooke has created a gorgeous cover that stands strong next to his contemporaries.

Due in March ‘The Man From Yesterday’ is limited to 400 copies. If you pre-ordered series 5 you will receive the free digital story ‘The Comrades’.


You can pre-order you copy by visiting Candy Jars website. Or you can check out the awesome Lethbridge-Stewart site.


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