Readers of Blogtor Who and fans of Candy Jar Books may remember an article we posted just before Christmas. It featured three upcoming books and one of them was dedicated to the art of Chris Achilléos. Kklak! is approaching but there’s a chance that you may be able to contribute.

‘Kklak: The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos‘ is a book of art featuring the complete, chronological, works of Achilléos’ Target Novels. The book will feature an exclusive forward by the late Terrance Dicks, as well commentary by Achilléos himself and possibly even you.

Candy Jar are looking for fans to contribute their thoughts and inspirations. Whether the books set you on a path that ultimately led to a career, or simply gave you a few lazy Sundays’ entertainment. Do you have images of you with Chris, or photos of yourself reading these iconic Target books as a child? They want to pay tribute to how these books have touched lives all over the world. So be sure to include any stories or images you may have.

Candy Jar and Chris

Shaun Russell, the head of publishing, explains why Candy Jar is the perfect fit to publish such a fascinating collection. “The Target novels were a huge part of our childhood. And when it came to our own range of Doctor Who books, they were an inspiration. You could always tell that they were produced by people who cared. There was an attention to detail, and a level of quality, which quite frankly, went above and beyond what was necessary.

Doctor Who will sell regardless, but as a series it means so much to people – and to us here at Candy Jar – that you want to do repay that. And from the first moment you picked up a Target title, with one Chris Achilléos’ brilliant designs on the cover, you knew that you were in for something wonderful. His work manages to capture everything that makes Doctor Who special, and stand alone as works of art in their own right. When Chris first spoke with us, I jumped at the chance to work with him.

How to contribute

Kklak – The Art of Chris Achilleos from Candy Jar

Each contributor will receive a personally signed paperback copy of the book. So, send your memories, photos or artwork to with the subject heading KKLAK!

Kklak: the Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos is released in late spring 2020 by Candy Jar Books. You can pre-order your copy here


  1. Will you able to receive Kklak: the Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos if you had contributed to the book but haven’t ordered the book on the website?

    And how will it be delivered to the person?


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