Candy Jar Books are at it again! With a successful Lethbridge-Stewart line and Lucy Wilson Mysteries doing great, they’re adding a new spin-off, Travers & Wells.

Doctor Who fans with long memories will remember Travers from the classic TV series (or may just be aware of good stories). Most recently though, Professor Travers has been a significant character in the Lethbridge-Stewart books. Science Fiction, and literary, fans will remember Wells for… Well, being the famous writer H. G. Wells.

The two characters first adventured together in, ‘Travers & Wells‘ only a couple of years ago in hardback form. If you missed that, don’t fret. Now is your chance to get your copy in paperback. Perhaps you’ve got your copy and your satisfied. Well, as mentioned above, there’s more Travers & Wells coming soon!

Coming together

Andy Frankham-Allen, the Range Editor talks about how this series came together. “The potential of the series was always to be determined by sales and critical response, which, we are glad to say, have both proven to be sufficiently positive. The series itself, and the adventures contained therein, are based on the works of Wells, following the example set by the Doctor Who serial Timelash by Glen McCoy, which saw a younger Wells encounter several people and situations that inspired some of his best known works. Every book in this range will be a play on a story written by Wells, and not always the most obvious ones. Although, naturally, the first two novels pull from two of Wells’ biggest hits, The War of the Worlds and The Island of Dr Moreau.”

Writer Robert Mammone talks about the reception of his the first Travers & Wells book, which he wrote. “I am gobsmacked by the overwhelmingly positive reception. You hope that when the results of all that hard work venture into the world readers are at least kind to it, but the lovely reviews on the internet, and the personal comments I’ve received left me feeling giddy. When I heard the hardback had sold out so quickly I looked forward to the day when more people could pick up the paperback, and that day is almost here! Here’s to more readers enjoying the adventures of Travers and Wells!”

Travers & Wells
Travers & Wells

Get your copy, quick!

If the sales of the first are anything to consider than you should head over to the Candy Jar website immediately to pre-order yours and make sure you snag your copies.

Travers & Wells: Other Wars, Other Worlds pre-order price is: £9.99+postage
Travers & Wells 2-Book Bundle pre-order price is: £9.99

Or order the Travers & Wells: The City of Dr Moreau hardback separately £15+postage


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