Lethbridge-Stewart fans have a new short story coming their way from Candy Jar Books and it’s free of charge if you have a Kindle!

In tribute to the 50th Anniversary of BBC Radio 1, Candy Jar Books are releasing a short story titled ‘’48 Crash‘. The event, which begins today, Saturday, Sept 30th, will be a three-day “Vintage” digital radio station and will consist of 50 one-hour shows with varying themes all compiled from Radio 1’s archived material.

’48 Crash‘, written by Mark Carton, is a free story from Candy Jar when you buy The Flaming Soldier, September 30th! This is to coincide with the beginning of the celebrations. As well, it will be available to buy from Amazon Kindle for only £1.29.

Candy Jar Books

Candy Jar Books head of publishing, Shaun Russell said: “Having grown up listening to BBC Radio, I’ve been waiting to hear what they had planned for the 50th anniversary of Radio 1. It seemed like a fantastic opportunity to celebrate a British institution that has had such an impact over the years. When Mark suggested that he’d like to write a short story to mark the event, I thought that combining his core idea with the Lethbridge-Stewart range was a no-brainer.”

Shaun continues: “This celebratory release aligns with our Kindle release of the individual short stories featured in our limited edition HAVOC Files one through three. Each short story will now be available to download from Amazon Kindle individually for £1.29. Customers who previously missed the PDF e-books will be able to read each story in isolation without having to commit to the whole load. This is something we’ve been asked for many times. You ask, we do!”

Candy Jar Books Short Story to Coincide With Radio One Anniversary
Candy Jar Books Short Story to Coincide With Radio One Anniversary

Writer Mark Carton on his first Lethbridge-Stewart story and its connection to Radio 1’s celebrations: “The Brig is an iconic part of Doctor Who history, which itself, of course, an iconic part of the BBC’s story too. In tribute to Radio 1’s Birthday, we thought it would be fitting if he returned to the fold, so to speak, to help out Auntie once again! It’s an action-packed tale, and a little irreverent, which we thought was befitting of Radio 1’s ethos. Lethbridge-Stewart must solve a mystery encoded in some of the popular hits of Radio 1’s early days. When the music’s over, does he succeed? I’ll leave that to the readers to find out!”

If you don’t own a Kindle there is another way to obtain this short story. ‘’48 Crash‘ will also be available in pdf format to those who purchase The Flaming Soldier online from Candy Jar Books.

Enjoy the retro radio and the new Lethbridge-Stewart short story!



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