The holidays have concluded and the new year is here but Candy Jar Books continue to feel generous and have released a third Lethbridge-Stewart short story, for free!

Shortly after Christmas, and the latest episode of Doctor who aired, Candy Jar Books released ‘What’s Past Is Prologue’. A short story written by David A. McIntee, the very same writer who has done everything from the Virgin New Classics and Virgin Missing Adventures to writing for Doctor Who magazine and for Big Finish. McIntee has also previously written for the Lethbridge-Stewart Range and this current short story really ought to be read. It’s been well received by fans and a wonderful addition to their history.

The most recent free story that’s been released is titled ‘The Note’, which is written by the Lethbridge-Stewart Range Editor, himself, Andy Frankham-Allen. Both short stories deal with Alistair’s namesake and further explore the life of his father. Very interesting stories which wonderfully build upon the world.

Frankham-Allen teases a bit about the two stories. “This story plays with family secrets, adding further depth to the Lethbridge-Stewart legacy. So, now we have a story set in 1917 that sets up the secret from 1902, and a story set in 1945 which reveals what really did, or did not, happen.”

Both titles were initially released to subscribers which have since been opened up to the general public. If you’re not a Lethbridge-Stewart subscriber you may want to consider it as there are often short stories released, some of which don’t make their way to the general public.

Where To Get Them

What's Past Is Prologue by David A. McIntee
What’s Past Is Prologue by David A. McIntee

The first of the 3 short stories released for free over the holidays is titled ‘The Case Of the Missing Fairy’ and is written by Steven Walton. You can read more about that here.

All three stories are available to download at the Candy Jar Website. While scrolling down to collect your free stories, if you have a hole in your Lethbridge-Stewart collection, or are new and looking to get in, take a look at the sales they have going on!


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