Our friends at Candy Jar books are giving fans a chance to write their very own Lethbridge-Stewart story, which could lead to writing a novel!

Candy Jar Books are holding another book Festival and offering another exciting opportunity to write your very own Lethbridge-Stewart story. The winners will see their stories included in a book to be released next year. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Brigadier.

Doctor Who and, more specifically here, the Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart have been inherited by the fans! When Doctor Who was cancelled it was fans that picked up the pieces and carried it on.

Candy Jar Book Festival
Candy Jar Book Festival

Before returning to our screens Doctor Who fans wrote stories, comics, films, and audio plays. Some of those fans have since gone on to contribute the TV series but all of them have contributed to the ongoing legacy of Doctor Who.

Candy Jar Books are offering another exciting opportunity to become a contributor to the legacy and write your very own Lethbridge-Stewart story. The winners will see their stories included in a book to be released next year. 2018 marks his 50th anniversary of the Brigadier in the world of Doctor Who.


The “Lethbridge-Stewart South Wales Short Story Competition” gets started at Candy Jar books very own festival. The week long event starts on the 13th of August and concludes on the 19th. There are a wide range of activities and events with the first big event on the 14th, a casting call for Nigel Hinton’s The Norris Girls book trailer.

For Brigadier fans, the big day is the 17th! There will be a free event at 1pm at the Cardiff Central Library with a panel of Lethbridge-Stewart authors including Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen. They will discuss writing novels and short stories for both Doctor Who and Lethbridge-Stewart and really should not be missed if you can attend.

Candy Jar Book Festival
Candy Jar Book Festival

Prior to this panel the fantastically talented Richard Young, who does many of the covers for Lethbridge-Stewart books, will be hosting a drawing class at 12pm.

Frankham-Allen says of the event, “It’s a unique opportunity to have so many of our authors together in one place. We’ll be talking about the differences between writing novels and short stories, and offer some hints and tips for those interested in entering the short story competition. We are extremely committed to encouraging new talent and hope the public will take the time to come along and possibly enter the competition.”


The competition is open to all unpublished writers across the UK. Entrants may enter a maximum of two short stories of no more than three thousand words. All submissions must be received by the end of September. Terms and conditions, such as copyright restrictions, will be emailed once the entrant has paid.

There are a number of ways submit your entries via the Candy Jar Book Festival Website or at www.freewebstore.org

Submissions can also be submitted by posting to Candy Jar Books, Mackintosh House, 136 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 1DJ

Below contains the full list of submission information. May the best writers win!

Submission information:

The South Wales Short Story Competition is currently accepting submissions. Entrants are permitted to submit up to two short stories and these can be a maximum of 3000 words. The competition is open to all unpublished writers across the UK.

Please include:
• Your name, age, email, address and telephone number

The winning entry will receive a Kindle Fire and Lethbridge-Stewart publishing deal. All shortlisted entries will be published in the third volume of the South Wales Short Story Competition anthology.

£5 entry fee for up to two stories.
Submissions can be entered from Thursday 17th August to the end of September.

Submission guidelines for the Lethbridge-Stewart South Wales Short Story Competitions:

• Maximum of 3000 words.

• This competition is open to anybody who has never been published before, whether you’re a fan of Doctor Who and Lethbridge-Stewart or not. We’re looking for different takes on the character of Lethbridge-Stewart, in different settings. It could be a version of the man living in Victorian London, or it could be a version of the character living in the far future. Any kind of story, in any setting, as long as Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart carries the basic core principles that make the character the legend he is: heroic, stoic, laid back and often ironic, a field officer who ensures loyalty due to his willingness to lead by example.

• A free short story will be sent to all applicants, so even if you have never encountered Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart before, you can get a sense of the man.

• Our license is with the Haisman Literary Estate only, therefore you CAN use any character from the Doctor Who serials The Abominable Snowmen, The Web of Fear and The Dominators, or any original character found Candy Jar Books’ Lethbridge-Stewart series (except the Rutans and Group Captain Gilmore, who were used by Candy Jar under express permission).

• You CAN NOT use any other Doctor Who characters or monsters or UNIT.

Candy Jar Book Festival
Candy Jar Book Festival


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