Candy Jar books announce the second title in their 50th Anniversary series celebrating Lethbridge-Stewart with ‘Fear of the Web’.

Taking place after ‘The Laughing Gnome: Scary Monsters’ this clever title plays off of the classic TV story ‘The Web of Fear’ and has a fascinating premise.

Dame Anne Bishop learned a long time ago that for every fixed point in time, this a fracture point, an event that is susceptible to catastrophic changes in the timeline. And when she is catapulted back in time, she discovers first hand that February 1969 is one such point.

Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart is on manoeuvres with the Scots Guards in Libya. Only, he’s about to receive a call from his old commanding officer, Colonel Spencer Pemberton. A call that will drag him to London, and set him on a direct course for destiny!

The London Event, the trap set for the Doctor by the Great Intelligence, changed the course of human history, and for Anne Travers it set into place a series of events that would see the death of her father barely a year later.

Now, waking up in the body of a woman she barely knows, Dame Anne is faced with the idea that perhaps she can change things – not enough to damage the timeline, but enough to save her father.

Future and past are set to collide, which could have irrevocable consequences for the timeline…

Alyson Leeds

Alyson Leeds is a first time novelist with this book but she doesn’t come inexperienced. She previously wrote for the Lethbridge-Stewart range in HAVOC Files 4. Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen talks about why Leeds was chosen. “Alyson’s short story needed very little work, and since then I’ve called upon her military knowledge for other books, so it was an easy call to invite her to join the line-up for The Laughing Gnome. For someone who’s done little professional prose writing, she turns in a very solid piece of work, which is every editor’s dream.”

Frankham-Allen continues “Like all the authors for this range, I gave Alyson the basic premise; put Dame Anne into the missing two weeks mentioned in The Web of Fear – during a small briefing scene between Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, Captain Knight and the Doctor – and finally show just what did happen when the mist started spreading across London, and add to that the idea that Dame Anne will be faced with the notion that she could, theoretically, changed things to ensure her father is never possessed by the Great Intelligence! Alyson jumped at the chance, and soon had an outline ready to go.”

Cover Art

There’s also the wonderful new cover designs and artist Martin Baines discusses his work for this book “The Web of Fear is rightly regarded one of the gems of Doctor Who in the ’60s. It’s brilliantly written and well-directed and has aged very well. When Candy Jar asked me to illustrate a cover depicting another story set during the same period I was really thrilled, especially when they asked me to show London deserted and covered in web (which was not seen in the original story but mentioned). It took a number of roughs to do justice to the idea, but when I saw some images of London in smog I knew the direction to take.”

If you’ve been following the Lethbridge-Stewart line, or been wanting to, the Laughing Gnome series is bound to pull you in. Great concepts, fantastic cover art and all the Brig you can handle!

Fear of the Web
Fear of the Web

Set to be released at the end of September you can pre-order your copy now for £8.99 (+ p&p) by clicking here and visiting Candy Jar Books website. If you’re a subscriber, this title will already be covered.


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