Candy Jar Books have announced that they will be releasing a special edition re-print of Lethbridge-Stewart: The HAVOC Files 3.

First published as a limited print-run back in early 2017, The HAVOC Files 3 soon followed its predecessors in selling out quickly. As such, Candy Jar Books are bringing out a special edition of this instalment of The HAVOC Files. However, this special edition is not merely a re-print. It is set to contain updated editions of previous stories, as well as two short stories that are available for the first time in print.

As Shaun Russell (Head of Publishing at Candy Jar) has explained:

“With the success of The HAVOC Files 2: Special Edition earlier this year, it was a forgone conclusion that we’d do a special edition reprint of The HAVOC Files 3. As with the previous release, we decided to look at it as an opportunity to revise a few of the stories, fixing continuity errors and the like, as well as bringing to print two short stories only previously available digitally.”

Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen has continued:

“This time around we decided to replace The Lost Skin part two (available as part of the larger whole in The Lost Skin novella) with Steven Walton’s The Case of the Missing Fairy. This was originally released digitally for Christmas 2017. Steven is taking the opportunity to expand it somewhat for the print edition. Joining it will be another previous Christmas free story; this time A Funny Turn by Alyson Leeds. Alyson is a solid writer, who wrote last year’s highly popular Fear of the Web. A Funny Turn is set during the earlier days of Lethbridge-Stewart’s career, and sees him being targeted by the Great Intelligence in a rather unique way.”

Lethbridge-Stewart: The HAVOC Files Special Edition will include ten short stories:

  • ‘The Bledoe Cadets and the Bald Man of Pengriffen’ by Tim Gambrell
  • ‘A Funny Turn’ by Alyson Leeds
  • ‘The Last Duty’ by Christopher Bryant
  • ‘Eve of the Fomorians’ by Robert Mammone
  • ‘The Wishing Bazaar’ by Sharon Bidwell
  • ‘The Feast of Evans’ by Simon A Forward
  • ‘Home for Christmas’ by The Author Collective
  • ‘Slouching Towards Det-Sen’ by Shaun Collins
  • ‘The Case of the Missing Fairy’ by Steven Walton
  • ‘Lucy Wilson’ by Sue Hampton

Lethbridge-Stewart: The HAVOC Files 3 is available to pre-order now from Candy Jar Books.

Strange fungoid creatures in Hull, a deserted Scottish village at Hallowe’en, wishes coming true, and a special mission for Samson and Evans in Llanfairfach. Young Ali Lethbridge-Stewart and his friends investigate strange happenings in Pengriffen, and Professor Travers returns to Tibet, only to find he’s being followed by enemy agents.

Ten short stories, including two previously only available in digital format, published in print for the first time.

‘A Funny Turn’ by Alyson Leeds. Newly promoted Captain Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart finds himself under attack from a most unlikely adversary!

‘The Case of the Missing Fairy’ by Steven Walton. Christmas 1982 and the Brigadier is asked to investigate a most peculiar crime.


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