Candy Jar Books have announced that series 5 of the Lethbridge-Stewart range is ready for pre-order! 

This upcoming set of stories sounds like it’s going to be an incredible series! First out will be ‘The New Unusual’ written by Adrian Sherlock. This will be Sherlock’s first novel but previously wrote the short story, ‘The Playing Dead’. Candy Jar always picks great talent to contribute and this story sounds very interesting.

‘The New Unusual sees our heroes being drawn to Australia after investigating strange goings-on at dream-ins, mysterious new age gatherings in which people explore their deepest desires through eggs of alien origin. This book features the return of Lethbridge-Stewart’s nephew, Owain.’

Second book will be by Sharon Bidwell who Lethbridge-Stewart fans will remember from the short story ‘The Wishing Bazaar’. This book is titled ‘A Very Private Haunting’.

‘A Very Private Haunting sees Arthur Penrose finally take ownership of a Scottish manor house that’s been in his family for generations. There are many secrets in the house, but what connects them to the mysterious shadow creatrues that Lethbridge-Stewart and his men are investigating?’

The closing story is written by none other than fan favourite Nick Walters who previously wrote 2015’s ‘Mutually Assured Domination. His latest Lethbridge-Stewart book is titled ‘The Man From Yesterday’.

‘The Man from Yesterday sees Lethbridge-Stewart learn the truth behind his father’s disappearance at the end of World War II, when aliens arrive on Earth from a mysterious reigon of space known only as the Realm. This book features the return of Lethbridge-Stewart’s brother from another reality, James Gore, and his father, Air Commander Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart!’

What Candy Jar Says

The Lethbridge-Stewart range editor Andy Frankham-Allen has some glowing praise for this upcoming series. “It’s quite an exciting series, with three very distinctively different stories. Each explores very different aspects of the Lethbridge-Stewart universe. A New-Age thriller taking the team to Australia, a ghost story set in and around a haunted manor, and an all-out adventure which pits very branches of Lethbridge-Stewart’s family against each other.”

Shaun Russell, the head of Publishing add’s a bit of excitement: “Series five is the last in the ongoing series for a while, as next year we’re stepping out of the usual narrative to present a special series of novels celebrating fifty years of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers.”

This is going to be a thrilling time as Frankham-Allen also adds: “This series of books sees our lead characters, in particular Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers, dealing with the fallout from the losses they suffered in series four. The series ends on something of a cliffhanger, which will have repercussions for the series as a whole for a long time.”

The New Unusual starts series 5 of Lethbridge-Stewart Range
The New Unusual starts series 5 of Lethbridge-Stewart Range

Cliffhangers and big plans for 50 years of Lethbridge-Stewart! It’s a good time to be a fan and you’re certainly not going to want to miss out!


The New Unusual, A Very Private Haunting and The Man from Yesterday are all available for individual pre-order now, for £8.99 (+ p&p). Or you can pre-order them as part of the discounted UK bundle for only £26.25 (including postage), saving £9.72, or an international bundle for only £45.00 (including postage), saving £5.97. Or, you can buy it as part of our yearly subscription offer. Get yours here!



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