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Candy Jar Announces New Lucy Wilson Mystery

Lucy Wilson Mysteries Curse of the Mirror Clowns

The Mysteries of the Lucy Wilson continue in ‘The Curse of the Mirror Clowns’, from Candy Jar.

‘The Lucy Wilson Mysteries novel, Curse of the Mirror Clowns’, is the second novel in this ongoing spin-off series. It stars the Brigadiers granddaughter, Lucy Wilson, who has appeared in a few of the Lethbridge-Stewart stories. It’s intended for younger readers who still enjoy a good scare but still has ties to the Lethbridge-Stewart range.

Now check out this synopsis, and prepare to be intrigued.

The circus is coming to town – and it may never leave.

Lucy Wilson is just about getting used to life in Ogmore-by-Sea. School, homework, friends, and the occasional alien… It’s not easy being the new girl in town but, with the help of her steadfast companion Hobo, she’s making it work.

But when a mysterious circus opens for one night only, the town suddenly finds itself overrun with invisible clowns and the gang are faced with their biggest mystery yet – the disappearance of Lucy Wilson herself.

Thankfully, they’ve got help – a mysterious stranger from another world with a special box that moves in time and space.

This is the follow-up to last year’s, well received, ‘Avatars of the Intelligence’. Thus far it has been exclusive Doctor Who fans but that’s soon about to change as it makes a wider release.

Candy Jar Says

Shaun Russell, the head of publishing at Candy Jar explains: “We’ve had such good feedback for this book. Reviews have been encouraging and fans seemed to have embraced Lucy and Hobo. Moreover, we’ve also had a positive response from the general public. We’ve been trialling Avatars of the Intelligence with 1300 school children and the initial feedback has been very promising. In particular, we’ve had high praise for Steve Beckett’s cover design and, consequently, Curse of the Mirror Clowns has another fantastic piece of artwork by the talented Beano artist.”

‘Curse of the Mirror Clowns’ was written by, film and comic writer, Chris Lynch. Lynch says of his book: “Did you ever think you saw something, just out of the corner of your eye? It happens to me all the time and it freaks me out quite a bit. So, when I got the chance to add my own monster to the Lucy Wilson universe, I knew it had to be a monster that you couldn’t always see.

“I also wanted it to be a clown because, if there’s something that freaks me out more than things I can’t see, then it’s something I can see – clowns. Of course, that’s not all I added – there are plenty of other surprises in there that I hope people will really enjoy. It’s been great fun adding my own strange and spooky elements to Lucy’s world and I hope to be back very, very soon.”

Lucy Wilson Mysteries Curse of the Mirror Clowns
Lucy Wilson Mysteries Curse of the Mirror Clowns

It sounds like another solid entry to this ongoing series which only helps enrich the Lethbridge-Stewart range.


You can pre-order your copy today from the Candy Jar Website, or the Lethbridge-Stewart page. Be sure to check out their other titles and of course now is a great time to catch up on the first Lucy Wilson novel.



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