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Candy Jar Advent Calendar Concluding

Candy Jar Advent Calendar

Another Christmas is just behind us and here’s hoping you got what you wanted. Were you fortunate enough to receive any books from Candy Jar? A Lethbridge-Stewart you were missing, or maybe a Lucy Wilson Mystery? If so, ya! If not, the people at Candy Jar are still being very generous and have some excellent offers through their Advent Calendar.

In case you had missed it, we had reported on this a while back but things had continued on. For example, Saturday seen a new Lethbridge-Stewart story titled, ‘Vampires of the Night’. It’s a stand-alone story by Chris Thomas that focuses on Travers’ adventures doing World War 2.

Excited for Downtime 2? So are we. There’s been an expert released on Sunday! Are you a fan of the Lucy Wilson Mysteries? Great news! Christmas Eve seen a new 100 page Christmas book released.

Speaking of Advent Calendars

Downtime 2 Candy Jar Books

Tim Gambrell, co-author of Lucy Wilson Mysteries Christmas Special speaks about the Candy Jar Advent Calendar. ” Shaun (Russell, head of Publishing) outlined his requirements in two words: Christmas crackers. Bang! The spark ignited and the whole thing came together very organically. Christmas is a time that focuses a lot on family, and I knew from the off that I wanted plenty of family character ‘moments’ in the story, leaving the threat to lurk in the background until its moment arose. Just be careful when you pull your crackers after lunch on Christmas Day!”


However, the big giveaway in this year’s Advent Calendar has to be “Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants”. This was released just yesterday, Christmas day. It’s the entire book written by none other than Andy Frankham-Allen himself.

Frankham-Allen discusses his involvement with the Advent Calendar “When Shaun (Russell) told me that Candy Jar would be giving away something every day for twenty-five days I thought he was mad. I said, “You’ll regret it by day seventeen”, and indeed he did. However, I do feel that he has pulled it off, just! To be honest, I have actually enjoyed many of the freebies, particularly the Eileen Young husband documentary. So, I am really pleased that he has chosen Companions as the Christmas Day giveaway. It deserves to be out there again. For six months I watched every episode of Doctor Who, and the book, in my opinion, encapsulates what is great to be the Doctor’s best friend. And Christmas is certainly a good time to celebrate this.”

Candy Jar Advent Calendar

Keren Williams the publishing coordinator at Candy Jar, discusses the advent calendar: “It’s a Christmas tradition that we give away some short stories to our loyal readers, and this year I thought why don’t we go the whole hog and really spoil everybody? I feel that, despite Andy’s reservations, the giveaways have been successful. I have certainly received many emails from readers who have been looking forward to each day. Perhaps this is something we might repeat in the future. Time can only tell.”

The Calendar 

So, what are you waiting for? Click the here to get to the advent calendar! Grab those goodies while you can and if you don’t click the link copy and paste this, http://www.candy-jar.co.uk/books/adventcalendar.html. Or find your way there by your method of choice!



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