Candy Jar Books have been working hard to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Brigadier the best way they know how. Stories, stories, stories.

December 2011, and the Lethbridge-Stewart clan are gathering. The patriarch, Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is not well. In fact, he’s dying.

He’s determined to face his end with dignity. He has lived a long life, seen a lot of strange things, saved the world more times than he can count, but he has also made a lot of mistakes.

What if he had a chance to revisit some of those mistakes?

Lethbridge-Stewart is about to experience a new series of six stories released under his name. The fantastically titled, ‘The Laughing Gnome’ is the banner title for the first 5 stories. The stories don’t all focus on The Brig himself, but on his family line and that span’s decades. Stories start as early as the 1930’s and go all the way up to the 2010’s. Titles and authors include Scary Monsters by Simon A Forward, The Fear of Web by Alyson Leeds, The Danger Men by Nick Walters, Day of the Matador by Robert Mammone, and Lucy Wilson and the Bledoe Cadets by Tim Gambrell.

Author of Mutually Assured Domination and The Man from Yesterday, Nick Walters, talks about the 50th anniversary: “Candy Jar is doing something rather special and unexpected to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Brigadier. When Andy [Frankham-Allen, range editor] first told me about it a few years ago it sounded bonkers. A simple ‘X Doctors’ style reunion nostalgia trip this most certainly is not! It’s a bold, interesting and challenging idea which is going to take people by surprise.”

Concluding The Lethbridge-Stewart 50th

The sixth story will be released as ‘On His Majesty’s National Service’ by none other than David A. McIntee. That story will take place at the beginning of The Brigadier’s journey and explore the decision which changed the course of his life.

McIntee speaks lovingly of the Brigadier and actor Nicholas Courtney: “As I’ve said before, for me, the Brigadier’s place is all about Nick Courtney and the ideal match between character and actor, with both fitting the other so perfectly. It was said of Sean Bean than he didn’t so much play Sharpe as wear the role, and this is so true of Nick and the Brig as well. It’s such a rare thing to happen, and therefore particularly special that the resulting figure reaches fifty years or popularity, that it’s astonishing to be involved in looking back at that half century.

“Astonishing too, to be taking that figure to its basics, and exploring what’s really deep within this character. Every man is the sum of his memories, as the Doctor once said, but he’s also a product of the world around him, both inside his perceptions and outside. Worlds are big, bigger than you’d think, and you don’t need a TARDIS to have a range of experiences enough to fill anyone’s imagination. We may not have Nick any more, but he’s still in the Brigadier, and always will be, however big and involved the Brig’s world turns out to be.”

Where to Purchase

You can purchase your copies of these books on the Candy Jar website or on the Lethbridge-Stewart website. Bundles are available so you can purchase either the first book in the series, the first three, or all six.

If you’re a subscriber, the Fiftieth anniversary books are covered by this.


  1. Can these books be enjoyed separately and out of order, or is there a story arc necessitating they be read as published?


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