As revealed yesterday, see HERE, the behind~the~scenes show Doctor Who Confidential is to come to an end this Saturday. If you are not happy with this situation, and many of us are not, then why not sign the petition to help try and save the show – you can do that HERE.

You can contact the BBC directly through the official Complaints phone number: 03700 100 222. Or you can complain online at

On Twitter you can also follow SaveDWC who are leading the campaign to reverse this decision.

Doctor Who Confidential “axed”
Closing Time audio commentary
Christmas Special 2011 filming
The Wedding Of River Song promo pics
Doctor Who Confidential – preview videos

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  1. Seriously, I'd care more if DWC had been more essential viewing. I've given up as most of the time, it's a fairly run of the mill, back slapping boring piece of behind the scenes stuff. I love Who but the DWC eps had become less entertaining and original and were way too padded out. I'm sorry for those who're facing financial problems/ job losses but if you're asking me as a fan whether a campaign is worthwhile, I'd have to be honest and say no.

  2. I have top say i agree, if it was doctor who i'd sign a petition but ive just watched the latest DWC and although I think they are all nuts, its not about the making of it, its more about them being wallies! lol. Just let it go we are all having to make cutbacks, even my business has had to loose 2 members of staff!

  3. The danger in not saving Doctor who Confidential is that it will give a signal to the BBC that no one cares about Doctor Who any-more since no one cared about the cancellation of Confidential.

  4. Well i completely disagree with those who say DWC isn't important viewing. I just graduated from a degree in Media Production which was inspired by DWC. I'm a massive Whovian and when deciding what to do with my life DWC made it so clear. I want to do THAT. It gives people a chance to see into different production roles and inspire what could be the production team of DW in the future. Surely you all want it to continue?! And also you get to see a glimpse of the fun the cast have together on set. I for one love to see what they get up to! SAVE DWC!!!!!


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