Doctor Who Books and Audio (c) BBC Books
Doctor Who Books and Audio (c) BBC Books
Today sees the release of a great selection of books. All centred around Doctor Who and it’s timey wimey world.

Four new hardback and one great audio book collection, from fairytales to history to revisiting some past favourites. The choice is yours…..

Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales Slipcase Edition

This beautiful set from BBC Books contains the 15 hardback books of Doctor Who stories from the original Time Lord Fairy Tales plus a brand new story for 2016: The Emperor Dalek’s New Clothes.

The Time Lord Fairy Tales collection of stories has it all, mysterious myths and legends about heroes and monsters. It is not just for children of Gallifrey but for any Whovians of all ages. These dark and ancient fairy tales from the world of Doctor Who are written by Justin Richards and stunningly illustrated by David Wardle.

Click on the picture to buy now. Priced £13.60

Doctor Who: A History of Humankind: The Doctor’s Official Guide

After the Twelfth Doctor has got hold of a history textbook from Coal Hill School he’s decided to improve it with notes of his own. Through annotations, scribblings and his trademark snarky humour, the Doctor has plenty to say about the pudding-brained humans he’s met on his travels.

From Nefertiti to Robin Hood, this essential Doctor’s guide gives us his unique take on Earth’s most famous historical figures in this 176-page hardback book from BBC Books.

Click on the image to buy. Priced £9.99

Doctor Who – Twelve Doctors of Christmas

‘Doctor Who: Twelve Doctors of Christmas’ is just the thing for Whovians who love to be emersed in even more fantasy. This 272-page hardback book published by Penguin Books is filled with 12 fitting Christmas stories surrounding the adventures of 12 Doctors. All accompanied by magical illustrations.

The stories are written by Jacqueline Rayner, Colin Brake, Richard Dungworth, Mike Tucker and Scott Handcock.

Click on the image to buy. Priced £9.09

Doctor Who: The Official Annual 2017

This brand new BBC book contains 64 pages of secrets from the latest series, fact files on the latest terrifying monsters, exciting comic strips, stories, puzzles and activities, it’s the perfect read for any fan of the brilliant BBC show.

Click on the image to buy. Priced £7.99

Doctor Who – Eleventh Doctor Audio Originals

From the BBC comes a special collection of previous Doctor Who tales in‘Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Audio Originals’. The 14 tales from the pens of writers such as James Goss, Cavan Scott, Oli Smith and Martin Day are read by Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, Meera Syal and Frances Barber to name a few.

Find out more at our previous post.

Click on the image to buy. Priced £28.00


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